Monday, November 05, 2007


Closing Comments

Come on bearshitters, you know we're going higher. You hear the bull train coming, ready to detach your legs from torso?

All in all, today was an amusing day for "The Fly," as HANS dumped out, while XFML set shorts aflame.

Many of my 'smart friends' capitulated on XFML, near the lows--unable to take the pain. Not "The Fly."

As you already know, "The Fly" could give two bottles of cheap whiskey and a gay mule about temporary set backs. At the end of the day, my stocks go up, mainly because I'm a space alien magician, who has access to the space time continuum.

In short, it makes zero sense betting against Santa Claus, for he will roll on you fuckers with his pimped out sled-- and cold 'debank' your bullshit brokerage accounts.

NOTE: I sold 75% of my iiG position.

hmmm...lawsuits gone, Milhaylo buying up shares above market value (~500k @$25), and now you selling 75% of your position...they should announce they are going private tomorrow..LOL
No company has ever announced going private during earnings.

You're an idiot with zero knowledge how things work.

Go back to painting your walls with feces.
too early to bet against santa ... wait till turkey day passes for that

Broker A going out in style [Go back to painting your walls with feces]
update: I have a price target of 718 for XFML, which would be 90 folds from todays close.

developing ....
follow-up: I have revised my price target for SWC to $3.16 , which would be 1/3 of a fold.

XFML payday.. NICE
Damn. shold have bought SWC. It only missed by 8 or 9 cents.

You see, according to JJ: "The future prosperity of this company solely depends on the future prices of palladium and platinum."

LOL. what a dope. Apparently actually getting it out of the ground has no effect whatsoever on the company's 'prosperity'.

tho I could have swron thats what the company blamed the misss on...

Fucktarded, no?
Precious metals are in major bull mode; platinum is at alltime highs & SWC continues to lose money hand over fist. This company is going to zero. What a piece of junk. JJ come clean & sell this swine.
SWC....classic POS.

No reputable firm has analyst coverage on it either.
SWC is a POS.

However, its participation in higher PMG prices has been severely limited by hedging, and the hedges will be falling off over the next few quarters. So sez the company.

They will have to figure out a new way to lose money in the face of rising PMG prices.

Don't worry, SWC can still lose money in future quarters no problem, even if palladium goes to $10000 an ounce. Just hold back metal and do not sell. When you do not sell you do not have sales revenue and so you have a loss, and do not need to pay tax. Isn't it nice.

That's what happened in current quarter. Produced 29.9K ounces of platinum, sold only 26K ounces. These 26K ounces they MUST sell due to contract obligation. Without these contracts they will sell zero ounces and report a loss of $1.00 a share. Isn't it wonderful.

Grab SWC while it is cheap. PGM price goes up and SWC is more valuable, regardless any quarterly numbers.
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