Thursday, November 08, 2007


Closing Comments

We can't go down forever.

Call me crazy, but for a trade, I want to be long the financials, specifically CFC, MER and MS.

Also, the sell off in HANS is way over done. Luckily, for me, I bought some today, near $39.

It's hard to ignore stocks that just won't go down, like POT, MON, OPY and all of the solar fuckers. However, I warn you, all trends break--at some point.

My game plan is simple:

Milk the ensuing short covering rally, while actively setting up short sales--once the rally fades.

My best guess, we run until Thanksgiving, then slide until Christmas.

Top pick: VMI.

MON's trend will break when it hits $120.

As all $80 dollah stocks go to $120, right?

The FLY:

Your contrarian opinion here is interesting and I kind agree with you, but I am just not sure what time is the best to pull the trigger yet.

Have you looked at WCI? Icahn wanted to buy it at $22. One thing that makes it maybe very valuable is it owns quite a very large piece of land. The land may be valuable WSHTF. Huge institution hodlership (> 150%) and huge short interest (>50%). I watched it and could not determine the timing yet.
It is Official. I am gay. I am a mortgage broker and I own a lot of Microvision. I am so gay. I am both disgusted and enamored by my presence.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.- George Castanza and Jerry 1993.

Your tone . . . it's all wrong. But I am too busy trying to fuck myself to care.
Broker: Since you put us/me in HANS @ 39.00 (thanks, so far) ; where you recommend we get out?

JB - I'm all for emerging from closets. Congrats, I'm proud of you son.
Anything you can for Anderson Cooper, Tom Cruise, Larry Krudlow or Ann Coulter?

JJ: Did you double up on your FSLR short, or did you cover like a weenie? I went long at 211 today. It will be 300 next month, don't forget it. Are you willing to ride it up to 300 or 500 before it Kareems Abdul Jabars back to earth?
If anyone is interested a new listing is FXP which is an Inverse 2x Chinese stock (fund). Could be pretty wild if and when the Chinese bubble pops.
Grleat. We need moah delivative-rike ways to pray da China mahkit, tlayda coddy.

Dis good devairopment. I buy some, in yeeah dat goat fukkah Fry cum bak an do moah brogging.
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