Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"Dollar Danks" has it all figured out

As you know, "The Fly" sold that iiG shit, prior to tonights 'earnings fuck you.' As usual, the stock fucking cratered in after hours trading.

However, unlike other fuck bag stocks, iiG will rally back hard, as Danks and Co. work diligently to settle the lawsuit with California.

That's right ladies and gents, iiG is not permitted, by law, to do business in CA.

What a wonderfuck of a business.

Anyway, my point: "Dollar Danks" is not to be fucked with, long term. He'll pull some rabbit out of his ass and sell his criminal enterprise-- to some unsuspecting rich-er guy.

NOTE: I just listened to the conference call. Apparently "Chuck Bennett" strikes again, asking all sorts of fucktarded questions. "Chuck" begins his ranting at 39:16. Click here for the conference call archive.

May God bless "Chuck Bennett."

critical info for JJ
The Chuck Bennett call in question reminded me of the calls into the Howard Stern show.
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TC: Played a nice Donald Ross design in Asheville, NC today.. Ever been Grove Park?
Jake: I have gold up about $13.00 and silver about .60 already in overseas trading. I smell a paroblic move and the FED isn't going to be pleased.
Cheesefries- No, but I have heard that the Resort is pretty nice and the course is pretty tight requiring some shotmaking ability.
Ha ha ha!

The FLY has learned something, after being fried a few times on losers like BWLD and NTRI etc. Even a monkey would learn after being fried a few times.

Congradulations on having avoided the slaughter of iiG. But that merely adds to your statistics of bad stock pick. You should have recommended shorting iiG, which would have added to your credibility.

Silver reaches $16, I think only a day after breaking $15. Incredible rally in precious metal. CDE rallied up almost 14% and then another 4%+ after hours.

How is your XFML doing? Is it still on parity with SWC?
That was hilarious, Dan handled it well... although operating capital was an interesting term, but i think we know what he meant... you see RUTH's quarter? not bad for a high end steak house trying to grow its business in location where people are leveraged 250x with their 4th home mortgage but somehow have the means to drive a G35 with tinted windows and 3 piece 20 inch wheels... i know this because i see them at the pizza joint while i'm on my way to the ruth chris in west palm beach
Listen to me. Short FSLR tomorrow before the earnings release in the evening. Do the math, there is no way they can beat. The production capacity is simply not there yet.

Miss earnings, and FSLR is dead.
Short FSLR, I'd say you go all in on it, Nov at the money puts, load up with every cent in your account... good luck JJ

I will not put all my money into short FSLR. I will short it all the way down to $6, and generate cash to buy more SWC as I go. It will take a while for FSLR to report losses and that is what I am shoting for.
Fly, why don't you link to Chuck Bennett's blog?

Somebody posted it here the other day.

The Costanza trading method applies to all of JJ's recommendations.
TC: The wife has been with Javier at the Spa, pulled
a 72 out from nowhere. Played with a couple of old timers
who thought 6700 from the tips was to deep
wish I was 25 again. You gotta love the pro v1.
Cheese, Grove Park is a favorite of ours since we moved South.

Built by a Vanderbilt like that giant ass mansion down the road (same Vanderbilt I think)... gives one the feeling "Jesse slept here."

שער הדולר
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