Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ducati, step into my office

You're fucking fired.

Ha, just like that--ignorant style.

See, the problem with Ducati, and many of his ilk, he relies on make believe statistics and macro-economics to make market calls.


Ask anyone who manages money, using macro-analysis, as a guide to investing, is a suckers path to getting fleeced.

While Ducati may have the wind behind his sails now, considering how the "homo hammer of hell" is smashing bull nuts, ultimately he (Ducati) will die wrong.

In many ways, we are all stupid fucktards, trying to find our niche, our special skill-- to make enough money so that we can fly to the moon in a monkey suit.

Let me just say this: Ducati will never wear a fucking monkey suit, in a pimped out space ship, on his way to the fucking moon.

Fly wins again.

Should I shitcan Ducati, again? [30 votes total]

Yes (21) 70%
No (9) 30%

This comment has been removed by the author.
Meanwhile the Hang Seng is getting its mustache punched off!
Chinese people don't wear moustaches, the fabled "Fu Manchu" notwithstanding.
let someone else have your fucking blog and you will have a place in infamy
Regarding MVIS: The stock is now fodder for luring people not just to blogs but to cheesy subscription newsletters.

Urgent Volume Spike Alert:

Breakthrough Ignites Video Phenomenon

Tiny $5 Microcap Dazzles
Cellphone Titans -- Could Soar
298% in Next 12 Months
My reliable source tells me this tiny $5 stock could hit $15 in the coming months. Early investors could see an easy triple ... Will you be one of them?

Jeremy (the other Jeremy)
Fuck Auntie MaVIS. I'll rent this bitch but I'll never marry her, unless she dazzles me with some new underwear :) ie a new contract
I can't sleep know Broker A will be gone in a few hours.
You must never sleep.
IBM super computers do not need sleep.
do you have any info on the cost levels of green lasers. Are they with in range of what MVIS can work with?

Again you are an asshat for quiting this blog.
odd no?
Remember this?

"If MVIS does not print $6, by Labor Day, I will reveal my true identity to the fucktards on the internets, via YouTube video of "The Fly" eating healthy portions of Buffalo Wild Wings."
In many ways, we are all stupid fucktards, trying to find our niche, our special skill-- to make enough money so that we can fly to the moon in a monkey suit.

Let me just say this: Ducati will never wear a fucking monkey suit, in a pimped out space ship, on his way to the fucking moon.


Brilliant stuff - the Fly will never die!
ruh roh ...futes up lamely ... which means, come 10am, the market will go back into the shitter

was hoping for limit down futes this am
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bruce, lachyhim have another drink.
I knew we were going in the shitter last week.
I'm working on a new diversified port...based simply on the alphabet. For instance maybe Fly could give us an A-Z best of stocks.
I need the D and the R.

JJ thanks for the letter S.
I have my suit on.
MrKCBill, Danny and Ragin':
It's been cool knowin' ya. I guess I'll see you guys at either Danny's or Trading Goddess' site?

This is death.

The Fly: Thank you for all the great, market romping, Ducati thrashing picks. Thank you for the hilarious, timely market commentary. Thank you for all the "fuck you's" and internet death lasers to rival bloggers. Thank you for fading and firing the Duke--again.
So where do we sign up for the Fly Subscription service?
Looking for daytrading signs. If C,INTC,AMAT,ALTR,SMH can hold up when market tests 13,000 then we have a bottom (at least temporarily). Q's not too bad condsidering MSFT,ORCL downgrades. Watching.
Have my leisure/disco suit on with a Jimmy Rodgers bowtie and classic Footjoy golf shoes with metal spikes. Hope Fly's server doesn't crash at 10:00 AM.
I'm in my birthday suit.
Broker A -

My husband has been in a funk since you decided to end the blog. I, for one, will miss you too.
Boomer what does the IPOD say for the day?
Please make a comeback like Jordan fucker, I cannot go on without this blog. You will be missed Mr A.
Save You: Matthew Perryman Jones

Calling Dr Love: KISS

Beautiful Day: U2

Boom - P.O.D.

Can anyone interpret this message from my iPod?

PS - that's my wife who posted above. Get out of here, babe. These guys mean you no good.
will we get the fly is leaving @ 10am bounce or the fly is leaving @10am flush down the terlet?
Howard blew it.
Let's rock and roll, fuckers
just a sad day all around!!!
I'm ready. I have a plad suite and a bow tie on. Gonna miss you man.
Thanks for entertatining us fucktards on the internets.
Fly better not be late to his own party.
Fly, I love you, goodbye friend.
The bottom of this market will be a big blow-off day. I'm guessing 700+ points down on the venerable Dow.

Hopefully, we test and hold the August lows, else we be in bear market mode, brotha.
New site looks like old one with fake tits.
drum roll.....
Hey, look on the bright side. At least ETFC is holding up well.

Stocks are for fucktards.
The hour has come.....
Boomer makes alot of sense in his birthday suit.
ETFC will be bankrupt soon, they are tiesd to the mortgage mess and stuck in a rut.

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