Friday, November 09, 2007


Early Morning Thought

Stocks are for asshats.

Yeah what a fucking waste.
Being a trader I am watching AMAT,BRCM,KLAC and if they can stay positive I will start easing into SMH as the market declines. They will lead if the market turns. Being short this AM is too easy. If not, I am fucked for the day and will head out early for putting practice. EBAY may be a good one.
Hey Fly,
Do you have any info on MVIS getting to required power levels or green laser cost? Do you know if they are within the requirements?
Should I start digging a bunker and hide in it because the markets are going down to -3000 and the world is coming to an end?

yeah , fuck this stock shit ... I'm buying Dean Graziosi's book

real estate is where its at
Gary Cox very bearish for the first time this year. He doesn't screw around with short term stuff, so this is significant.
I think we come off this low for a decent rally when the PPT comes in with something .. .then good times will roll & that will be a chance to get out.
When you're crying you should be buying...................
I went back into that pos VDSI
WM is a quick trade now. Stay with SMH.
Anyone agree with the thesis that if China decouples the yaun from the dollar, Chinese stocks go nuclear (up)?
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