Monday, November 05, 2007


Final Flush Out

This is it.

My sense, the market has 300-500 points of downside, with 1,000 upside. We are close to the bottom, considering C and other retarded banks will not post 11 billion dollar losses, daily.

This is a classic shakeout, ahead of the Thanksgiving run.

Right now, make your fucking buy list and nibble, into weakness.

By Christmas, you'll be drinking your low end beer of choice-- out of a golden chalice. As you know, "The Fly's" chalice is diamond encrusted.

With my money, I am focused on commodities and Asian stocks.


We would like to share some exciting news. Today, Dell announced that it has entered into an arrangement to acquire EqualLogic. Dell is the global leader in delivering leading technology and business value to customers. EqualLogic is the leader in providing iSCSI storage solutions that are easy to use, deliver great performance, and scale as your business grows. Together, we will bring the industry’s leading iSCSI SAN solution to the market worldwide.
Please don't quit Fly. Your insights and wit priceless.

If it wasn't for google always being green, we would have had our lows in weeks ago.
I told you guys Equallogic was going to be huge, too bad those fuckers at Dell sniped it from us. Guess no IPO for them now.

Would you be a buyer DELL then?
The bears need to realise that we bulls have the great bearded one on our side. Just like iN vegas, the house always wins. Being a bear is like betting against the house. Once in a while you can win and win big but in the long run you will always lose. Keep in mind that the bearded one will do WHATEVER is necessary to prevent a market crash.
He's going to buy 5 million homes at 2005-2006 prices?
Capital- I guess you saw all the Dow, SPY, and COMP all get fucking bought up, all at the exact same time?
I estimate DELL is paying a bit more than 10x '07 revenues for Equallogic. That's about where CML is currently trading if you want a public market comp.
Stockhead, well I buy so much shit from Dell that I would be a buyer of them here however I like INAP much better. I am buying it up like crazy. Bought 1000 shares today for a total of 1750 shares.
Yes I did. Its best not to mess with Bernanke. As long as he's on the side of the bulls the market goes up.
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