Friday, November 09, 2007



Ok, here goes:

I'm taking some risk here, betting we do not crash through the floor boards. Believe me, talking to people, everyone is nervous, thinking the "end is near."

So, with negativity at a fresh high, I want to be long some of the damaged leadership stocks, in anticipation of a leg up.

I could be wrong and do not recommend taking the same approach. However, buying leadership on these types of dips have proven, over and over, to be very timely and profitable trades.

As for my CFC position:

I intend to blow that fucker out on Monday or Tuesday.

NOTE: It's the strength in the financials that has given me confidence to put wheel barrow dollars to work.

NOTE II: BWLD @ $28.39, VMW @ $88.65, VMI @ $81.02, RIMM @ $114.35, GRMN @ $ 87.13.

That's what I like to see. I just used up all my buying power as well.

Fuck it, I'm taking a risk here too.

Too much negativity, too many shorts in the market.

I can wait to rip the fucking faces off the bears, fight club style!
VMW looks ready to explode!
FLY...atta boy...I was thinking you would find your sack.
I am in pretty stoopid right now. Rebalanced a bit. None of that miner, precious metals, crap I tinkered with.

BOOM avg 47.17
GOOG 675.44
AAPL 171.20
RIMM 114 ish
The financials are what they're coming after, fuckers.
Dip buyers buying the financials. Get ready to be poleaxed, cupfuckers.
Time to put on that LAZ-y short again.
Looks to me like they're finally unwinding that long tech/short financial trade that they've been putting on for several months.
Go ahead, short the financials.

Next thing you know, your brokerage account is at zero.
broker fly man,
are you going to be selling your MVIS soon to keep any of your hard earned profits, before the stock falls more
Sell with a 3 handle?

You must be smoking crack.
are you saying that I would be smoking crack not to sell now?
you are more edumacated than me, so I appiciate your advice, but doesnt it make sense to sell now if you take all your emotional bullshit out of the equation?


However, sometimes it makes sense to go against conventional wisdom.

Hence the word "risk."
and bye the way,
dont let the door smack you upside the head on the way out.
you got a short list of people you are going to keep in touch with?
If you are in los angeles, I got some pretty good access to some good clubs, myself and my wife could buy you and yours a drink.
good views at the Standard
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