Thursday, November 08, 2007


Fuck You Guys: Lotto Numbers

Tonight's winning lotto numbers will be:

53, 6, 67, 3, 1,14, 23

FLY...we grab the margin gift from the net can thank me later.
C positive? I'm in at 32.8
I'll thank you now, despite not knowing what the fuck you just said.


"The LOTTO Bottom"
What are the winning numbers for California, fucker? it right here at 6.81.
That HANS bottom call at $39 was pure genius, Broker.
"The Fly" is programmed, quite efficiently, to make accurate HANS calls.
"I wish I could quit you Tolkman"

scene from BrokeAss Mountain The Travails of JohnnyBlago
I bought 10 powerball tickets in NC two weeks ago and I didn't have a single number on any of the tickets. I should've used it for gas money.
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