Thursday, November 08, 2007


Grape Drink

I'm so poor I'm po'

can't afford the 'or
Fly, why would you ever want to leave all this.....
CWTR coming off the bottom today and there is insider buying. Perhaps a new line of Romanian sweaters are helping.
Anyone buying DUG?
I've traded DUG 3x this week. Find a good entry point is around 39.70
Fly has to be space alien. I mean who can pick stocks that go up or down 30% overnight. Not easy... kind of like losing every game in 5 team parlay...not easy.

Fly how bout some Lotto #'s for tonight. You gotta lean.
CWTR flying now.
Broker A, thanks for HANS got in under $40!! I'm on teh woo woo train riding the shorts.
Breaking News: Ben is out in his new solar power helicopter. Hell with $100 oil.
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