Friday, November 09, 2007


How 'bout a Late Day Rally?

Angelo Mozilo, CEO, CountryWide Financial

Damn, I will miss this blog.
Thanks Fly. You just made my day.
Get you some DRYS!
Daytraders quandry: Buy QID, Long XLF or go golfing (78 and sunny)?
Push a short in a hole:

You can't take it with you.

Live, while you live.
it's go time, C hitting new highs!
When is MVIS "go time"?
"The Mozilo Toast Bottom"
Trader: Golf.
Trader: Golf.
nice timing

i still laugh at that shit

don't go
sorry, but kudos to kass , the assfart wart ursa kodiak majorius

he played this like a space alien magic man ... covering his pmi cfc mtg mbi abk shorts yesterday & making a buy the banks call today
Citi has traded 1.3 billion shares in 7 trading days. Only 29 million shares short. Every share shorted could have been covered by noon any day this week on that kind of volume. And those two assfarts Dylan interviewed say this is just a little bit of short covering in the financials?

Two more pricks trying to talk down financials so they can get full positions on or get their shorts covered.

If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd bet financials outperform every other sector from now into year end.
you are a betting man
how would you like your omelettos? garden? spanish? cheese?

eggs are back in style
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