Thursday, November 08, 2007


How 'bout a Mid-Day Rally?

Angelo Mozilo, CEO, CountryWide Financial

The market has an every man for himself feel. Issues are just getting gutted right and left.

Calling out for Harry the Horse...Harry where are you?

I've figured it out... Broker A is taking a position with iiG to start up a new Seminar division "How to make millions blogging to the internet fucktard" Setting up a new company in Utah... Mrs. A and the family moving to Salt Lake City. No
You're on to me.
gotta agree with you, Mr. Bill. Every man for himself feel is right on.
bear market.
oct lows are history - aug next?
I would like too know what tanning lotion he uses, the company must be doing great with him as a customer, I think I would go long!
you know when all semms bad and you ready to declear, out comes the V as in V charts and the srtight up V move...
DOW back to 12,800 Lets Do THis!
Get this shit over with.
Times are tough right now.

Headline for tomorrow's WSJ.
Can anyone explain how I can follow the day to day cost of so called swaps ( the price paid to insure mortages) thank you all.
Russell 2000 and XLF really not too bad relatively speaking. Could indicate rally ahead.

Whats up with the chinamen? LFT, NED, STV, BIDU and host of other FUQIed stocks have been shitting themselves of late. They got to go up sometime, no? WTF I command the forces of Shaolin to get these back bitches back on track WU-TANG forever muthafuckas!!
working for food...

swap rates and other rates can be found here:
thanks, can you tell me how to read them, I keep seeing prices in US dollors, like to insure xxx amt it costs 300k as opposed to 250 k 5 days back...thanks again.
Didn't you guys get the Chinese memo delicately scribbled on rice paper? The U.S. financial system is in trouble.

We're going to test Aug lows. Soon, very soon.
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