Thursday, November 08, 2007


How 'bout a Mid-Day Rally?


Nasdaq down 100?

I just covered 50 point on GOOG. true story.
Man, if we crash on Monday at 10:00am, melting this blog will be the best finale in internet history...

I shorted AAPL yesterday, and got stopped out .40 from the HOD. Of course now I feel like the biggest fucking loser for fucking that trade up.
It sure would DT.
When will this be overdone?
at zero.
I'd be buying BOOM here. Unconvincing selloff. Very low volume. I have 30+k and just cant take more, but would if I could.
i take the dog out for a walk, come back & nazz is down 96 ... I did a double take .. no that couldn't be right

twas so

i guess benny & his jets are grounded
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