Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"Is this still CNN?"

Look I see it two ways: Buy JCG and make money or don't buy the fucking issue and don't make money. Your fucking call guy. Additionally I will have you know that I just ingested a cherry bomb and it is set to either go off or not go off when INAP reports. We will see but it should be fun either way. There will be a big buyer (large hedge fund) in INAP if they report good numbers, just hear that, I will say no more on that topic. Fuck you Jeff, keep eating that dick.
By the way while I am on the topic I have decided to switch my view on stocks, they are either going way up or way down. No fucking they missed but it wasn't that bad. Fuck that they missed and should have their eyes gouged out for even coming out to play. If they beat they better fucking guide higher or that cunt is going to hit the floor like a ghetto ass ho shaking her shit. No room for fucking error in this battle zone.
The sad part is that was Larry King's toughest question asked of a guest.
TC - true! LOL
Anyone follow FLR?
yes, why?
Larry King says its all about the super cycle. He's heavy in SWC.
I got a very small position today, for a bounce. Was wondering if anyone new what earnings expectations might be. I don't want to get tea bagged with kerosene nuts.
I'd hang on to FLR .. but what do I know

JEC knocked it outta the park ... Its all in the backlog & being paid not in dollars
That was great.

Jerry's got a good healthy ego. He has my permission to kick Larry down a stairwell.
On 2nd thought Fuck Jerry-- serves him right ducking the public eye for so long and than all of the sudden going around pimping his new flick- he deserves "Larry"
My God I hate Maria...

Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but ATVI should be added to the "they reported great numbers, guided higher and got their skulls smashed in" list.
Fuck, this is depressing. I've mentioned before I'll be willing to subscribe to The Fly Gold Package for $250 per month. The Gold Package includes "Super Fly Picks" and access to the Fly private chat room. The Glengarry Package includes "Premium Picks" and access to the chat room, e-mail alerts and the Cadillac board for $500 per month.
The Fly Glengarry Package includes the perks of: "Second place is a set of steak knives. Third place is you're fired."

as well as instant classics like:

"Nice guy? I don't give a shit. Good father? Fuck you!"
Nice Fly / Seinfeld analogy.

"You cancelled them, they didn't cancel you."
Maria is infinately more annoying than any other CNBCer, except perhaps Tyler Matheson, who always makes me think of Ron Burgandy.

Here's Tyler auditioning:

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