Monday, November 05, 2007


Late Day Thought

"The Fly" wins again.

The Fly is God
I know you have more important fish to fry and I want comment on how well you handled today.

one pressing issue has yet to be dealt with -- do I still have a job???

You shall find out, late night.
Should we be buying more MVIS? I have that feeling.
Every time MaVIS looks like she wants to get her party on, she gets a slap on her ass by Mother Market. One fucked up little slut that MaVIS is.
Fly, you are right. I went ahead and bought some GME ahead of the earnings call later this month. Should be exceptional.
Goddammit I can't stay short for long. It fucking makes me suspicious of everyone, and every where I look I see a fucking conspiracy. Fuck goddammit. No wonder bearshitters are always so fucking miserable.
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