Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Late Night Demand

During my final days blogging here, I demand you fuckers wear a suit and tie, when reading this fucking site.

Have some class.

NOTE: Failure to adhere to "The Fly's" new dress code policy will result in the seizure of your dry cleaning.

sounds good Fly. NO more riff raff.
I've been in denial about this whole thing... you leaving Blogistan, but you keep saying it so I guess it's for real.

When is the actual shut down date? I think I'll have a day of silence over at my blog in remembrance or something... maybe with an open thread where people can come to share their favorite "fly" moments.

It'll be just like a wake except people won't be having sex in the coat closet, since this is the internet and not a funeral home.

Fly, I forgot my point. It must be the left-handed cigarettes. Anyway, why do you not put it up for elections whether we allow you to see your funeral... Besides, this is a republic, is it not?

You will be richly rewarded for guiding the ship as you have.

Make us an offer we can't refuse Don Corliegne.
Meanwhile, what the fuck is up with the "menstrual stem cells" advertisement? Besides Ragin, there can't be many women reading this blog...

I was allowed to quit blogging because I ran a 3rd tier blog. This is not a 3rd tier blog and you are not allowed to leave it as a smoldering cinder.
What did you do - sell Dean Graziosi a 72 hour banner ad.

Looks like bad Credit Card debt is going to be the next hurdle for the cupfuckers at the big banks.

I'm wearing $129 suit from KG Men's wear---and $60 dollar shoes.

Thanks for enforcing the new dress code, I bought some new suits upon graduation and have not put them to use yet (since nobody wants to give me a job). It's good to see I will get some use out of them.


Say that shit again and I'll break your favorite surf board!

I'm sorry I called you a woman (again). Look, let's leave our differences aside for these next few days.

Until the mourning period is over.

Your friend and fellow blogger,


I hope both of your sites have the necessary bandwith to house all of the soon to be homeless fucktards when Fly shuts down his retarded blog.
I predict most of the traffic will migrate over to JJ's site... and I predict a resurgent Ducati.

Dark days ahead...

The final Fly on Wall Street episode will air live on the internets, Monday, November 12th, 10:00 am.

Only then will "The Fly" reveal the reasons for the shut down.

Put it on your calender.

JJ Wins

Very Odd

Broker A - if I had your address I'd ship you some deli meatballs and champagne.
don't forget to come to the wake party, at my blog, where all you have to do is click my ads to win big prizes. Grand prize is over 20 folds in your favorite stock!

wear those suits!
Will the blog remain online a la NYSE Scalper? Or are you burning the thing a la Momojuicing?

burn it to the ground
Damn, Danny already stealing my "wake party" idea... and I'm still not blogrolled there.

Just like Sal's Famous Pizzaria
My departure will be bitter/sweet.

First, I will leave the blog here, to serve as a education tool, for all of you sub-par bloggers.

Second, I have a surprise in store for fellow bloggers, much to your chagrin.
Thats the Truth Ruth

Will I be arrested due to the shuttering of your blog? I can't imagine why, but I'm paranoid.

If you are going to stop blogging I am going to have shitty days ahead. If you are serious I sure hope you will leave the blog up so we can comment and talk to each other. I would hope you could add to the comments as well. As much thanks and credit that I give I do believe that occasionally some of us fucking idiots out here gets lucky and names something that you might get a piece of. Anyway fuck it I am going to be in denial for now. I guess I will be selling all of my MVIS shares on November 12th at 10:00am Eastern as the only reason I hold them at this point is I get good info and something to talk about in here.
Fellow Bloggers:

You are hereby on notice. While you may think the absence of "The Great Fly" will benefit your bullshit sitemeters, it will not.

Does shutting this shit down have anything to do with your gay partner who never wanted to be a part of this in the first place? If so I'll get my fucking tool box out. Yes that's how long I have been here, since you were posting those fucking IM chats. The very beginning.

No. I fired him long ago.
I didn't know you had a gay partner.
I have it on good faith that Jake Gint will be taking over at Fry On Warll Stleet.
This comment has been removed by the author.
fuck you.
"I fired him..."

I've never heard it called *that* before.
Fly could participate in the writers strike I guess, although I would take back all of the nice things I have said over the time as I fucking hate union cum guzzling fags that meet at the Elks Lodge to fuck each other in the shower. There goes that idea. If you do make good on the threats you could atleast talk about shit non-stock related on here in a rolling java chat window.
Gapping, do you still like inap after earnings? 16 looks like it might have good support.
Wood I do however that revs number worried me that the bears will try to seize on it. Its tough to accurately value the company right now but the CC was create and the growth was fantastic at 33%. I was also impressed with the margins. It didn't trade in AH really so could not tell from that. Only small 100 share blocks traded. I was happy with the overall story and will stay in it as I think CDN will bring them mucho dinero. Growth overseas was hot too.
We will click on more ads if you stay.
Woman here & I love this blog. All you guys in the comment section are hysterical. Not as funny & brilliant as Broker A of course but he's The Fly right? Broker I am very very sad you are ending this blog.
Oh hell! Are women allowed here?

Kind of makes me feel all creepy...
sorry- I've been spying.
It's going to be great.
Before you go, can you melt down my blog for old time sakes?

Are you going to auction off your time machine?

What about the gay pink Dunkin' Donuts cup?..you know...as a quasi-fucktarded souvenir?

For any interested parties, e-mail me and I will give you my PayPal account number so you can make "tax deductible" donations to the "Fly on Wall Street Weep-a-Thon" to commence on Monday, November 12 at 10:00 am.

Proceeds will go to a new 501c(3) charity in Fly's honor called "www.FryonWahlStleet.blogspot.com".

Who will I make late-night booty calls to for a good link whore?
Anon the mouse- just kidding. If you've been lurking then you are obviously not offended.
true true.
Hey guys,

you must watch this video, funny!

Hat tip: Bubs
I'm long 90% of my portfolio YHOO, Alibaba is shitting up the Hang Seng and the wife is tossing chunks on our 3rd bottle of Pinot Grigio. I need some help. Dress code aside.
How can the number one web traffic site
blow ass, while GOOG and MSFT stomp ass?
A while ago Fly mentioned he was planning to start a hedge fund late this year. I'm guessing whatever upcoming changes have something to do with that plan.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The wife's still tossing chunks. Danny, stay sub 30yrs dude.

I thought you were smarter than that. anyway just dump YHOO and jump on JASO.
I have 3 STL Rams PSL's. Aside from smartness
I play for the big bang and believe aka Boomers dream
in YHOO. It's going to happen, when you get old like me and Cuban you play your Jakes early. Sometimes you win, other times you lose. The objective at all times is to win. I have watched your trades on your blog, and
you are far and above the mainstream hack.
If Fly shuts this M'fr down I will be a regular. Keep in mind, when YHOO moves I will be banking with an average of several K ar 24. Natty Lite until I die.

31-17 Saints win next week.
I hope it works out for you my friend.

what is PSL's? are you taking about the Saints game next week?
Linehan and Bulger should be swinging from a tree.
I can't sleep knowing that when I wake up Fly might not be here anymore.

quick question, when you are gone will I move up to 2nd tier?
In the current day you have to buy "rights" to buy season tickets to an 0-8 team. I am one of the few, AKA= the stupid. Intranets are full of dipshits. Good luck to you my friend.
With a cap close to Facebook, BIDU.. and IACI breaking up into pieces not to mention 200+ billion caps in GOOG and APPL and 300bil knocking on MSFT door. Search growth will be at a premium. Check alexa.com(YHOO #1in USA) YHOO will either be taken out our repriced with a China multiple. I will wait as it ranges between 28 and 32 for a buyout.

An internet legend (Fly) is about to have a Grand Finale, and all you care about is your tier status?

Sorry, still 3rd tier.
I'm fully hedged against closure of this blog.

I'm long bookmarks of My Little Pony fan blogs.
don't fear change. fly's leaving, it sucks. better than not having had a fly at all, right?

Plus, you never know, maybe fly will tour local colleges, giving speeches on important matters and the like.
Fry: Good luck with your hedege fund & selling out the poor internetard for that big pie in the sky.

NY Times reports
one year ago there were 15 billionaires in China; this year, over 100. US still in lead with 415.

Thats why the Fly is leaving; to focus on his next $999,000,000. He wants to do his part to keep the USofA #1.

per capita income in China < $1000

The 34 year-old FMCN media chief works fm 8am - 2am. He wants to be biggest media co in the world. He order $2.50 takeout for lunch every day. He's single anon the mouse.

A 26 year-old ho is China's & Asia's richest woman. Shes worth $16 billion. She went to Ohio St Univ.

Li Ning won 3 gymnastic gold in LA in 1984. He now richer than Tiger Woods.

developing ....
Xinhua Finance Media Announces a Joint Project with NBC Olympics to Produce Animated Series 'Ring Force Five'

I am ready. I may wear my Leisure suit and disco jacket combo from the early '70s or go with my all in one funeral, wedding, christening, bar mitzvah, trial court suit.
We are fucked today. I am not even turning on my screen for fear of windows. FUCKED
Everyday the futures either gap up big or gap down big.

This market is odd, no?

gapping - this is not like you . .. You are usually saying you're gonna buy this bullshit ... whatup?
Damn. GM loss with writeoff is nearly $69/share. That's leadership!

Book value now far, far into negative territory.

Good thing the "subprime problem" is contained.
GM and Ford should just file for bankruptcy and get it over with...end the suspense and the financial bleeding.
Fuck, I've had another gap down on me, 10+ points: FLR.

FLR had a great quarter, did they miss analysts' numbers?
FLR made the mistake of reporting earnings.

The best move corp managers can make right now is to delay reporting. The "investigating previous options awards" excuse is a good one.

Stay away from stocks that report earnings. Check your office fax machine and invest in whatever pink sheets are being pumped by the fax spammers.

I'm into Chinese solar pico burritos.
Make a special effort to avoid stocks that report earnings and have an "I" and a "V" in the ticker.
see ya on your new blog on your new domain fly.
hey that would be something...fly yankin everyone and having to shut this down for some technical bullshit reason, only to open a bigger. better blog--that jj doesnt know about.

FWIW this is the only blog I have ever read.
I'd rather cut my right arm off with a butter knife than wear a suit and tie.

Fuck you.
FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! How the fuck are you going to take down INAP like this with the great numbers and great guidance. Fuck you all, I am buying here do or die. This is just out of control. The stock is at a 52 week low after reporting great numbers and expanding margins. Don't buy the stock short it fucks. Christ these people are gay.
Thanks for the laughs and your intelligent perspectives on investing, Fly. We will miss it, and you can be proud of "a blog well done".
Thanks for the XFML heads up-

"The association with NBC Universal is of great significance to XFMedia. We are looking forward to working closely with them and building a bridge to the major US sponsors involved with the Olympic Games and NBC."

"Our recent acquisition of Small World, was specifically targeted for creating production and advertising revenue opportunities in the US and we look forward to future collaborations with US broadcasters and media companies," added Ms. Bush."

A bridge to US sponsors. With their multi-billion dollar advertising budgets. cha-ching. They are putting out a DVD too.

It is deals like this that will make XFML huge, and this is as ground-floor as it gets--lower than the IPO due to some barron bullshit previously addressed.

Just buy some of this shit and forget about it for a couple years.
gapping--I'm right there with you. Doubled down at 14.
Crazy market the last month, but be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. I'm now greedy.
Very very nice!
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