Friday, November 09, 2007


The Market Sucks; But We're Still Going North

Perhaps "The Fly" is being delusional. However, this sell off feels a little "old hat."

Crazy rallies and knife to the chest drops get played out fast. After all, Thanksgiving is coming.

That's right, I'm basing my entire investment philosophy around a day, when fat fucks stuff their faces with greasy turkey legs and candied yams.

Not, but seriously, I'm too busy for this sell off shit. Will someone please inform the appropriate parties, "The Fly" would like the market to go higher again, so that he could make fun of his bearish friends?

Thanks in advance.

As you can see, the market is cutting through year to date gains, like a hot knife through goat cheese. All of the leadership stocks are being pimp smacked, like little bitches.

Quite frankly, as opposed to being "unfrank," the long term prospects for this market look dire, as they always do during times of duress.

What to do?

The new double inverse China etf, FXP, looks like fun. But, it's probably too late to be shorting down here.

Shorting down here is equal to carrying a sign in Beijing, which reads: "The Communist Government of China Can go Fuck Themselves, Every Which Way, But Loose."

That shit would be a bad idea, as is shorting stocks, fucktard style, down here.

The next move is up, thanks to the wonderful day of gluttony.

Good times.

NOTE: HANS upgraded today, $55 price target applied.

Hey Fly,
Do you have any info on MVIS getting to required power levels or green laser cost? Do you know if they are within the requirements?

I'm hearing 2.5-3 watts by CES.

MVIS is down, due to a fucktarded retail investor base.

It will snap back hard, post crash of the market.

Thanks fly. Gonna miss this blog.
Fly , I'll prostrate myself once more ...

DON'T LEAVE ! , fucker
OSIP buy it here...drugs are required to play this is that simple.
EBAY looks good & is green ... ripe for a turn back up
Anyone agree with my thesis that if the yaun is decoupled from the dollar, Chinese stocks will go ga-ga?
Yeah, what the heck. Chinese stocks will go barristic.

Hey, there's no 2x FXI, but what about shorting FXP?

That sounds like fun, no?
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