Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Miss Earnings= You're Dead

This is the most brutal earnings season, since the unwinding of wonderful dot com bubble.

I mean, some of these companies are guiding higher, only to see their stock cut in half. What the fuck?

Knowing how fucktarded the market is, these CEO's should just slash and burn estimates for future quarters, in order to lower the bar and crush them, like Stalin, down the road.

Looking at the declines in BWLD, SMSI, CROX, CTSH, FTK, SNDK etc., is reason enough to seek religion and get on the fucking sidelines-- for the big 'fuck you, you're dead' day.

I know there are many, many more blow-ups than the ones mentioned above. Feel free to add some in the comments section, or don't.

Either scenario is perfectly acceptable with me.

In short, I want no part of any earnings play, including HANS. It simply isn't worth the risk of having your balls lit on fire.

Consider that when tea bagging the earnings bucket-- which is filled with kerosene.

I'll act like I didn't even read that last sentence. Hilarious. You just can't get that commentary on MSN.
Once again, analysts expectations were too high. Typical after four plus years of mark up in stocks.

Shit happens. Things will return to normal, analysts will steadily lower expectations again and then eventually be surprised, thus starting the cycle all over again.

An odd cycle, no?

Still doesn't mean stocks should get cut in half.
Broker ; you like eggs here?

I like nothing, except VMI.

One of those days.
Didn't I mention for the past few days that JCG should be bought and was ungodly cheap? Strange I thought I made that clear. If you didn't buy you missed 12% already. But no worries there is more to come.
Speaking of blowing up, how about that JADE?

The Chinese lottery may be disbanding in light of the Chinese Premier's recent comments about the govt doing more research and planning before allowing Mainland investors to invest directly in Hong Kong stocks.

Bad, bery, bery bad.
I believe most met or beat earnings. It was the guidance killing some of them. A sign of a slowing economy.
Except for diversified REITS. Miss earnings and you're up 10%.
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