Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Position Update: HANS

I'm selling half of my position here, ahead of earnings.

There is no way in sweet hell will "The Fly" give away his hard fought gains in HANS.

Now, I still believe they will blow out numbers, considering their new distribution agreement and successful product launches; but this market is twisted.

Live to fight another day.

Will be interesting to see if they join the chorus of companies warning of higher prices for raw materials.

If prices for sugar and for lizard urine are climbing, HANS will get nicked.
Questions I would really like to know!

Is C really going to zero? Are we in a bear market or will it be just like last time in August when I bought my ass off an made all of the money which I have now given back? Why is JCG doing so well with $100 oil? If HANS reports in-line estimates and provides inline guidance will it go back to 40 like all others who have reported? Will my recent purchases of Cisco products help them beat tonight? Isn't GM really a healthcare company?
credtt default derivative. People only here what they want to hear. Fucking crazy.
Gapping, look at GES.
yeah, don't sell at resistance, sell 10 points later
Capital, this is the closing at the LOD that I referenced earlier.

Lets see what kind of fight the bulls can put up in the final minutes.
Look you, I know shit may look bad and Chuck Prince is a asshole eater outer but there is no way that this selling of C can continue. I am sorry but this continues and some greasey oil Arab will come in and buy the fucking bank. Get your fucking head out of your ass if you think its going to zero. By the way I just got back from lunch about an hour ago and I spit right on that fucking door at the Merc again today. Fucking idiots work there and its evident by this gayness.

Ok normal person back speaking here, seriously C is a good long term hold for an IRA with the dividend. If you don't own it buy it here. Its too cheap, homosexual or not.
We'll be up 100 points in the last 10 mins. Watch....
gapp, are you a wetback?
Up 100 points? Nah, Woody jinxed it with that VIX chart.
Jeff I am a very fucked up person who will spit on your doorstep and kick your doorman should he look at me wrong. I hate stocks and I hate computers, this is why I fight them everyday. My head is filled full of bullshit right now and I am scared shitless, that is when I buy like mad. Its not a lot but I put 75k to work today, 39000 of that in JCG.
Gap, you da man. You will see nice returns from that C as long as you make it through the near term puking.
C is the Costanza trade of the day. I bought some @ 33.41. Thanks for poundng the table gappy.
I meant down another 100 in the last 10 minutes...
The bear market has officially begun. Its over. Time to pack the bags and head to Romania....
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