Monday, November 05, 2007


Position Update: iiG

I like iiG, long term. However, I would not hold a full position into earnings.

Instead, shave it down, then buy back after.

lately, using you as a contrarian indicator has been extremely successful, hence iiG will announce the buyout tomorrow.
Broker you do any work on INAP? I am driving a dynamite car tomorrow.
Fly, I humbly ask you not to throw off your hedges. There is some major support being busted today.

Again, let the track record reflect that I am often wrong, and you are often not. However, better safe than sorry.
Hedges covered.
what's going on with iiG? do you know they are going to miss earnings?
I'm rooting for both of us then.
Just cautious ahead of numbers.
1490 appears to be holding on the
SPX. Fly wins again.
Ok... I'm taking your advice and banking the 20% i've made on iiG since august. Thanks for the winner. If they blow out earnings, either way, I still made a profit. great pick
I'm keeping 30% of my position.
Ahh. The welcome sound of helicopter blades. The bearded one is here to save the day. ...
Wow, WTF was that?

I agree capitalgame, that was a fairly impressive showing from the PPT.

Now I hate conspiracy types, but WTF else could it have been?
Fly wins again.
Fly, wow your not as dumb as I thought.

hey, what the fuck are you guys doin. Get to work lossers.
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