Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Position Update: iiG

As you know, I sold most of my iiG position, with plans to buy it all back--post earnings.

However, something just dawned on me.

My so called 'sources' on this stock encouraged me to be long, last quarter, only to see it get shredded-- post earnings. Now, I'm hearing "earnings are priced in."

Which leads me to George Costanza.

Maybe I should do the opposite of what these hatfuckers are suggesting?



now we know why JJ is such a fool... he's on "Butthash" (see website above)
Broker: Now whatchya gonna do without this kind of crack research above? Where else can you find out about smoking feces, if not from your peanut gallery?

I think gunners just saved you from leaving us.
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