Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

I really should quit talking about MVIS, since its been one fuck of a loser-- over the past 6 months.

This is my game plan, plain and simple:

- Ignore the stock until December.
- Buy more, ahead of CES.
- Sell 3/4th's of my position, after CES

In short, I am bewildered at the lack of insider buying in the name, especially since this is a concept stock--with a very high ceiling.

I'm not mad at the company. I made a lot of money in the shares, over the past 18 months. But, I can't fuck around with small cap concept names, without the conviction of management being displayed, via stock purchases.

As you know, there are many other stocks worth accumulating, especially after this recent decline. If you are long the stock, I suggest putting it on the back burner, until January, then consider taking some off the table.

Sounds like you're throwing in the towel on the stock and just waiting for an opportune time to cash out.
Broker A has downgraded MVIS to Hold from Buy.
At the next MVIS CC, everyone should call in and ask about insider trading, and why NO ONE will buy a fucking share. Do they not believe in themselves??
Anybody watching ESLR?
Good idea, Chuck,...er, I mean Obtrice
These managers insulate themselves from any criticism of their behavior by cutting off the Chuckie Bennets of the world and then "moving along." Fuck them if they won't show conviction. Jeff selling shares to finance his coke and whore habits. Fuck him! Alex tantalizing us with joo-sy deetels and then withholding them while he sits on the sidelines. fuck him! If this stock doesn't move soon, fuck the whole lot of them and I hope they start looking for new jobs, when the board shitcans their sorry asses.
Broker, what's going on with XFML...it should be soaring right now, no?
Blogrunner, profit taking. Buyer will be back this PM.

MVIS: Fuck you, you cunt face cock sucking faggot Jeff. I know you like to lick the brown lollipop but don't fucking sell your shares and leave us holding the bag faggot. I will be sending this to IR everyday until I get a non-canned answer as to why your cum guzzling ass won't buy stock. Can't you even afford 100 shares fuckface. I guess that is the way they do it out in Redman, fuck each other up the ass while laughing about not buying stock. I am done. Eat a dick. (That last comment wasn't an insult to you I guess).
A decent plan should it get to 7 post MVIS. But considering wihin 4 or 5 months after CES mcuh more will be known about the progress of hi-volume manufacturing, Id keep half.

If the bozo on the CC just stopped bumbling and waited for answer about the lack of insider buying we may have got a decent answer. s it was he said they have "small windows" in which to buy or sell. Pretty lame I know, but perhaps someone will man-up by then.

But you have to remember how quickly the stock will have a taser-like rise as soon as they start coming of the production line.

Even selling 15M of the damn things at $100 per puts the stock into the hundreds...

That made me laugh.


They guided in line eps, and above on revenues.

The stock was up 16% yesterday. This is somewhat normal, yet disappointing.

My guess, they will guide up for next qt, after the upcoming conf. call.
Thanks gap and broker
I'd laugh too if I weren't crying lately over this shit investment, and I use the world investment loosely.
Sometime I think Gapping is my alter ego posting.
If C keeps going lower Prince Alaweed will have to sell some of his camels.
MVIS: Fuck you, you cunt face cock sucking faggot Jeff.

What is this? Is this an attak?
He's talking about Jeff Wilson, the CFO
the new version of the pico p projects dvd quality dollar signs from the head of your dick... and a 'shit up display' (SUD) from your ass... so you know where not to step.
Jeff: Fuck off and take one up the ass for thinking I was talking about you.
gapping, I am monitoring this board for potential tootsie roll dicks. You are on the cusp.

Nevermind the above.

Go ahead and fuck yourself.
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