Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Quick Alert: Go Long

The Government just told me they will rescue the market, by the bell.

Odd no?


Yes don't bet against Ben. He will inject as much money into the markets to get this up. Ben is the markets Viagra. Buy here and keep buying. The bears are knocking down the financials in the hope that everything else falls over. Keep an eye on AAPL GOOG RIMM AMZN etc . They are either up or off slightly . They can't knock off the top dogs so they take it out on the shitty financials and homebuilders. Fuck them.
Capital- Your not going to grow balls now and Buy RIMM and AAPL are you?
230 Jan 09 calls APPL. mark it down.
The Fly is God. He will not leave us. He will guide us until we achieve Nirvana.

What I am saying is that bear markets do not start with the leading stocks at or near all time highs. The leading stocks break down well in advance of the overall market. AAPL GOOG RIMM are the leading stocks of the current bull market. I would like to see them off 15-20% with the overall market advancing before I can call a top.
Bear markets end with a bang. Bull markets end with a whimper.
good to see you found your sack...rackem, my break.
Capital, I'm not sure what more it will take to knock down the leaders, but my money is on a retest of Aug. lows.

This pattern of morning sell off and afternoon buying will not last forever. The first couple of days that the market closes near the lows, then lookout.

I see the indexes printing descending triangles. I say we know soon which way the market will break.
See? You're a blogging fool... you can't stop.

You're addicted. We're the "hollywood hookers" and you're Hugh Grant.

I think you've just found a better venue for this stuff.

Wood looking like a good call on INAP. It was way way and still is oversold.
Gapping, I've been watching it.

I've promised myself not to go long anything in the current market environment.

INAP is just following the standard report and then cut the long's sacks pattern which started this earnings season.

where have you been, we are missing you on WallSreak
Wood, fellow richmonder...
what was your call with INAP?
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