Friday, November 09, 2007


Quick Alert: Off to Dunkin' Donuts

Fake mustache disguise and all.


Just punted the keyboard off the wall.
I've had it with you dumping MVIS shares over the past few days. You have really hurt the little guy. Disclose before you unload those blocks onto market. My cost basis is above $5 fuckface.
what ya say bout that playboy?????
Just bought some more MVIS ahead of the big event on Monday.

FSLR mother fuckers!
CODE 139

CODE 139

lol, code 139 will be in effect all weekend.

What the fuck is your problem posting that millionaire real estate bullshit on the left hand side.
Every talking head homo comes on CNBC to say it's too early to buy banks/financials. You know, there's more shoes to drop so they are much too scary to own. In the mean time, those stocks are outperforming on big volume the past two days.

Sleazy, fuckface criminals.
Fly, tell me were going positive today.
Hey Fly, have a Blue Monster Drink on me :P So glad I bought HANS yesterday, woo woo.
I bet the Fly is upset that he opted out of CODE 139. I mean, after the recent beatings he has taken.
A real investment opportunity. Long term. SONS. Green today on winning huge BT contract. The whole world is switching over to VOIP. It is in its infancy.

To date Sonus is THE ONLY company that has pure IP systems that scale to these carriers. They now have 8 of the top 10 Telcos in the world, with revenue just starting from most.

BT chose Ericsson and watched them flounder for 2 years with zero traffic running. Their competition, Carphone warehouse, chose SONS and was up and running 1100 exchanges in 6 months stealing BTs customers. BT just capitulated and went with sonus. Speaks volumes.

They can have lumpy revenue, but the party is starting in 2008. Buy it.

Yo know all those billions that went to LU and NT for legacy switches over the past 20 years? It will all be going to sonus. starting now...
Hope someone jumped on BZH this a.m.
FLY..OSIP going to make a run after lunch...without drugs playing this tape is not advised...all the cheap whiskey in the world won't buck up and drug up.
Yeah BZH is going to 12 soon, had 3 days in a row to buy at $9.40. KBH also green today, homebuilders slowly returning.
It's a battle royale. Financials and some homebuilders vs everything else.
Just bagged 17% on HANS in less than 24 hours.
By the way, 'tards, I have zero control over the blogad content, on the right hand side.

However, I could have declined it.

But, that would be fucktarded.
Regarding the banks/financials - there is still a lot of denial and ignorance up and down the line about the magnitude of likely losses from the easy-money bubble.

The homebuilders, who are on the front lines, have come closest to admitting the extent of the problem, though even they are still too optimistic about when the bottom in home sales/prices will arrive.

The financial engineering side of the mortgage business is a totally busted machine. There is a massive loss of credibility at almost every part of the chain. Nobody can trust ratings. Nobody can trust models. Nobody can rely on agreements that transferred liability to somebody else.

You could go through a lot of bags of popcorn while watching this show play out.
Market is just screwing around now eating commissions until we plunge to test Dow 13,000. If financials hold up I would buy the bounce.

Big Event?
On Monday, Fly is going to reveal his exoskeleton and tell us the 27 ways to disguise a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup.

with you on the financials.
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