Thursday, November 08, 2007


Quick Alert: Sold by Me to others

As you know, I've been somewhat quiet on recent moves. Just know, I trade every fucking day, like a deviled banshee (I have no idea what that means).

Just to bring you up to speed on my current holdings:

Sold 90% of iiG
Sold 75% of HANS
Sold 90% of FMCN
Sold 100% of OIIM
Sold 10% of XFML
Sold 90% of FTK (high 40's, thank God)
Sold 100% of LNN
Sold 100% of ERTS
Sold 50% of FXI
Sold 75% of RS

Stocks that I've added:


Hey Broker - I would like to see you try and punch off my eyebrows. I would rip your fucking head off and spit in your bloody throat. I am not 47 1/2 ... and I am in better physical shape then you will ever be ... I know your ugly mug and wimpish figure which you revealed on your blog and it shows you to be a tart - and I would knock your fucking lights out with one back handed smack. Unlike your cushy pussy white bread ass - I grew up on the streets of New York - and you stand no chance.

Do us all a favor and fucking quit - your stuck up narcissistic rants are getting old ... and most of us dont really fucking care.
Fly, you've broken trust with your reader. A comment like "Sold to You" undermines the foundation that makes people want to be here, see you succeed, and wish you well.

Bad form.

Boomer out.
Sold 10K shares of MVIS today. Without Tokman and crew onboard(buying stock), the tell is there, especially at these levels. The run happened because they needed the warrants called, pure and simple.
u chickenshit broker

FMCN ceo work like dog ... he work 25 day .. order $2.50 takeout ... my kind of CEO ... stock going up 10 folds from here

Don't take it literally. I know you're old and have little command of the english language, but come on?

Fuck off.


I'm impressed with your ghetto ways. Maybe in another life, you and I could go out and rob chuck wagons together, but not this one.

Also, fuck off.
There Boom:

I changed the title, just for you.

X-mas come early in the South.
FLY sold to you...atta boy...pussy readers holding when your folding...can you give me a buy and sell on every stock...what a bunch of clowns...I rarely find even a little reason to support you, but this time I say, fuckem'.

Not only are you a funny guy, you are one smart guy for trimming your positions.

The market is in the shitter. It's fate is sealed, thanks to our wonderful banking system.

Is it any wonder why the market is acting "gay"?

Batten down the hatches boys, and buy more gold and silver.
GD is such a solid stock, everyone needs a GD in their portfolio.

Sorry to hear you supporting me.

I'd still like to see youdrift out into outerspace, without space gear.
I thought you was from Crooklyn?

What, like the pansy ass section? Brooklyn Heights or Lesbia Majorus, Prospect Park?

I wouldn't take shit like that from anybody, I don't care if his name is Lowenbrau spelled backwards.

(Great example of brand marketing there folks. Can you imagine me culling from my memory a beer that was yanked from the shelves due to poor sales -- it tasted like cat piss I'm told -- before I was of legal drinking age? But I do, and it's all thanks to the mellifluous tones of Lou Rawls and an excellent marketing campaign. Too bad the product was for shit, a la Jones Soda.)


Aside: When I was oversea, the only Amelican "soft" drink in the mini bar besides Coca Cora? You guessed it-- Monster.
Very simple, Reeb is jealous of the Fly.

I don't own a suit anymore, but I'll put on a pair of high heels in honor of the Fly for the Monday AM send-off party.
I grew up in Canarsie/East Flatbush.

And yes, I'd prefer to rip Reeb's arms off, prior to robbing chuck wagons with him.

But, in the big scheme of things, Reeb is just some jerk off reading, while I am writing.

Commanding him without even knowing.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ok Cheesefries, that was gay.
Holy crap, how did Neil Sedaka escape the great AIDs plague of the eighties that took so many of our greats -- I'm thinking Jim Nabors and Liberace here -- from us?

Never played Munson to anyone's Catfish, I'm thinking.
they're shooting the generals .. bidu good aapl rimm

so its gettng late in this current decline
interesting contrast REEB...... "and most of us dont really fucking care" although i (REEB) have 3 posts on every fucking thread.
I believe THE Stuart Scott would pronounce a HATER IN THE HOUSE
They're also shooting the lieutenants - MVIS. not so odd, no?
I had a friend who's nickname was "Reeb."

It was short for "rabbi," however.

I think this d-head's appellation is short for the steel they put in reinforced concrete forms.
When was MaVIS promoted to leftenant?

She's a WAC if anything.
they shoot MVIS every day .. not so odd, no?
no bottom in the market till the last plastic shoe drops
MONster taking off like a scalded dog
listen to my man Mr. Ron Paul right now ... he is the only one who gets this whole mess & always got it
Bruce, do you realize that Nurse Bloomberg, who wants to tell you what you can put in your stomach whilst in the confines of New York City, is the absolute antithesis of Ron Paul?

I mean, tribal affinities can only go so far, no?
Where the fuck is Crude Broker? I want to dance upon his still fresh grave -- a merry jig with CHK in a five year breakout somewhere in the lyrics.
WTF with MONstrousanto?

Bloomie has a green finger .. that Republican is socially liberal & fiscally conservative

tribe has nothing to do with it
"somewhat quiet on recent moves"

"sold to you"

are you selling MVIS to "us" too?
Fuck you Boomer.

Go eat a salad, drink some gin-- then go play a game of shuffle board.
you are running out of material.
No. That was new.
Why the fuck are you so shrill, by the way?

Looking at BOOM, I'd expect you to be drinking hot coffee, while making fun of us yankees.
Long day, sorry for being shrill. I was reading the Tennessean paper this am and saw an article about how a dear friend was killed last night. He was a school teacher, a better man than most, and left behind a wife and two girls. And here I am worrying about the NASDAQ. Like I'm not rich enough. I need some perspective.

I'm a little off my game today.

Also, I drank two extra large Dunkin Donuts with cream and sugar before 10 AM. Maybe its the caffeine?

Depression and caffeine = Southern Christian Speed Ball
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