Friday, November 09, 2007


Quick Reminder

Always remember, "The Fly" is smarter than you, despite not participating in future 'super-cycles.'

The Fly's IQ rises and falls with the market. True story. Heheh.

You may be smarter. But do you possess ultimate knowledge?
At least we have that asshat Graziosi's book to fall back on.


Graziosi = Fly.
Real estate is for asshats.
From his picture, Graziosi looks like he is 31 years old, with a wife and three kids who play tennis. He also looks like a Lexus driver who likes eating 2" thick ribeyes, lightly peppered and heavily salted.

Jake, I believe you are right.

Graziosi must be the Fly.

The temptation to reveal his true identity was just too great.
Dean Graziosi looks like a cum guzzler. My guess is he takes it up the ass from the CEO of LIZ and BP. "After sticking it in my ass you will become a millionaire as I pay you not to tell my facade of a wife"

On a lighter note the XLF showed vast signs of a bottom today, oddly enough C was up on the day as well. XLF Dec or Jan calls may be a good buy here.
The US Dollar puked
and will now Rally hard

Fed cuts will be back on the board, gold and oil get smoked next week. Bernanke turned slightly hawkish out of fears of oil spiking over $100 on weak dollar concerns. As soon as the commodities turn down, Bernanke will turn into Jason Voorhees on the prime rate.
More important prediction:

The G-Men will beat the Cowpokes this Sunday at Giants Stadium, thus grabbing a share of first place in NFC East.
The Cowboys will rule the world, Fuck the G-men.
Much more important, Osi Umanyora and Michael Strahan will play "wishbone" with Tony Romo's legs, simultaneously snapping them Joey Theezman-style whilst wiping that "Jus' Got Paid" smug smirk off the men's protective cupfucker's mug, permanently.
You are always on the wrong side of the trade New.

Crackboys blow.
Who the fuq r u kidding...your trades are amatuerish at best. It was pathetic to watch you get spanked on garbage.
Fly, you are excellent in an up market...but don't appear to know how to handle a down market.

If RIMM, IIG, MVIS, BWLD were to do nothing but go up - you are the winners. But stocks to go down too.

I would have liked to see you make some money on the downside as well (or maybe you did and just didn't post it - which wouldn't surprise me as you appear to be very bright).

Love the blog - I am a daily reader - and sorry to see you go, but understand why.

The weekend blogger sucks.
I seriously question the work ethic of the "weekend blogger".

My gut is the Fly is bringing back Danny boy for an encore. However, the "drunken joyride, chase pussy all night, sleep 'til noon" approach to life detracts from the gravity of this final weekend of internet blogging history that is in the making.
Jeff Brook:

Go fuck a muffler.


I'm sure your crystal ball would have made you sell all 76 of your positions, then go short, prior to the big banking write downs, no?

And, it would have made you realize massive cap gains in RIMM, AAPL, GME too.

Because all of that would make sense, since the market is never going to go up again.

Anyone ever consider the market will go up again?

Weekend blogger having 'technical difficulties.'

Stay tuned.
This Mom and Pop shop is shuttin down.
(reader wearing a black suit)
Fly was a good man. An honest man. He loved his kids and family. You could always visit his stupid little blog for Sector Spotlights and CC and some Ghetto shit. The Fly had a very cool idea a truly interactive website about banking coin or de-banking as it were.

What I will remember most about Fly "may he rest in peace" where to begin.. the oatmeal,the dunkin donuts,the illegal servants,mustache punching, and eybrow removing ,Chinese Lotto,DIVX,BBY,BWLD into earnings. Also the AAPL HANS,LNN,NTRI the 1st time BWLD the 1st time. FMCN- MVIS(that is a gay stock and I'm happy not to own it anymore) I'm going to miss the fucker.

Has anyone heard from Zombie?
I'm off to go shoot some deer in my backyard.
The good old days, DIVX into earnings.

Yes, I remember it as if it were yesterday.
Technical difficulties? What? Typing?

I ask for a preemptive firing of the weekend blogger.
I believe a preemtive firing would be an unprecedented move on your part. It would also prove your time machine still works.
^ Try reading mrkcbill's post above while humming Billy Joels "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Fancy, no?
Fly's Tombstone Inscription:

There once was a blogger named Fly,
He retired early leaving his minions high and dry,
The Fly is buried here with the sticks,
But please dig him up when MVIS closes at six.
mrBill - Amen
MaVIS is a real stupid bitch, Fly. She's like that dumb wife who sits around on her growing ass eating cheetos and watching TV land reruns while refusing to do laundry or satisfy you. A real disappointing bitch that MaVIS!
This comment has been removed by the author.
lol @ Mrkcbill.

top 5 quotes that will be with me forever:

1. Fucktard
2. Asshat
3. Banked coin
4. Punching your mustache off
5. Space Alien Magician

I will never forget my first triple I made in a stock: I was heavy in MVIS under $2, when Fly first started buying. Sold some above $6 when the big news came out.

Yes, I have been here from the beginning, and this blog will be truly missed!

Note: I hope Zombie is ok, I liked that guy
Lets not forget the latest:

6. Muffler fucking
7. Homo hammer
Man this is awesome. Even kidstock was better than this.
I can't believe this place is still around. What a shit hole, and I say that reverently.

So long asshole.
MrKCBill and Rajin' Cajun:
Thanks for the concern. Much appreciated.
I'm not well at all. The Zombie Suicide Alert is now reading Imminent.
If we violate the August lows, we officially go Bear. Bears have been known to kill zombies.
I guess I'll go buy a copy of "Shorting for dummies."
This blog was an important part of my life (and my Schwab account).
I'm preparing a "Thank You note" for God. I'm too depressed to hit the keys right now. I'll miss some of you guys, but I already see some familiar handles on Trading Goddess' pages. I guess we can raid that blog? Maybe nice, but nothing can match "The Fly."
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