Monday, November 05, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

Don't you get it?

We have drunken fools running our financial institutions. If you thought "The Fly's" NTRI call was bad, look at those cupfuckers. They're chockful of NTRI's. This shit is disastrous, with ramifications that can break the economy in half, like a salty pretzel.

Now, looking at the market, one could make a strong argument that we are in a bear market. As of now, the homies, retailers, financials and a myriad of hatfucking semiconductors are hugging their respective 52 week lows.

However, "The Fly" will not make such assertions, not yet.

Instead, he will put his 'calculator brain' to work, and figure this asshattery out.

As you know, this has not been an easy tape.

Regarding the financials, I spit on the whole lot of them. Fuck them all; may they burn in hell, alongside Space Hitler.

With my money, I guess it makes sense to chase VMI down to zero. And, I'm quite pleased to see XFML gapping higher-- God knows I need it.

Finally, as you know, this very well could be my last week posting here. This shit is cumbersome. I'll opine on this important matter and others, whenever the fuck I feel like it.

It would suck if you closed up shop.
If you closed this blog it would send the markets down the shitter.
don't let the door hit you on the way, ducking out when you begining to take on big losses, why haven't you posted your YTD % lately? LOL
shut up.

It's gonna suck when I die, but you don't hear me complaining about that shit to God. Do you?


I'm up 198.4%, ytd.
Fly - keep the blog runnin' dog.
Retire from blogging and enjoy the more important things in life.

Just like the Sapranos......fade to black.
can I have your blog? I will use it as a base to attack other bloggers.

Or just leave it dormant.
It's gonna be great.
Hey Fucker- Thats nice of you to give us 1 weeks notice- I think the youth of America could learn something from you.

I fully understand if so.
Good riddance, dumbfuck. I hope your wife and kids leave you next to complete the trifecta.
Most roaches wait until the lights turn out before they come out.
Knob Polisher:

May God break your jaw, after you die in a vicious zoo accident.
please keep yr great blog going but add some proper TA, I mean tits n ass, to make it even more interesting. Life is not just about the market n money, you know. I think what is tiring you out is this constant talk about money, Spice it up for u and the rest of us heathens and we'll be dancing n laughing around the golden bull in notime at all.
Fuck you John.

This is not a soft porn site.
Blog or no blog, SWC is a bedbug-infested stock.
And the leaders of our financial institutions will continue to operate like drunken fools as long as they can rake in a few hundred million dollars even when they lose risky bets with someone else's money.
If you close your blog down, where else will I find a site to make sure that I bank coin... Oh well, I'm sure something will show up soon.

What John really means is that he wants you to post nude pics of yourself on this site.

CROX looks like a good 'trade' down here. Its trading at 16x 2008 earnings and has been down 3 consecutive days. Should see a bounce tomorrow.
Fly is losing his blog to settle a lawsuit.

A lawyer representing a group of drunken fools sued for libel. They had a strong case.
Maybe you could blog once a week.
Would be way cool to be here a year or two from now when Microvision is riding high. Otherwise I understand.
Thanks Fly!
All good things come to an end.

It's just as well. You're losing money by the wheelbarrow full, the time machine is broken and your calculator brain in on the fritz.

Go fuck yourself, with your snide remarks.
Broker---You said it yourself. This shit is cumbersome. You need a vacation. A self-imposed exile, if you will.

Just think of all the coin you would be banking if you didn't have to do this.

Of course, all of us here wouldn't be giving you anymore accolades (except zombie who would be sending you 17 e-mails a day, claiming you to be a deity).

You should let DT take over your blog while you are in self imposed exile.
Is it not true Flies die in the winter?

I told you. ISWI, going much higher. wait and see.

Waiting for the conf. call on LOCM and IIG. My sense buy IIG after earnings.
Will 1492 hold on the S@P?

Strange that is the same date that Columbus discovered America.

Odd, no?
Leave it to a lazy chart chomper to notice shit like that.
why dont you two go make out and get it over already? So gay..
Don't go, Fly!! I read your site everyday. No one else covers the asshattery of Wall Street like you!
For some reason, I hate Alpha most, out of all my idiot readers.

I know where you live, watch it.
I've been reading your blog for months now and look forward to it everyday. You're the only stock blogger who vents emotions that actually match the experiences we all go through. I hope you keep writing.
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