Thursday, November 08, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Retail

Look, I'll play along, whistling in my head, and make believe we're still in a bull market.

Yeah, everything is fucking great, with the exception of 95% of companies that report earnings. Naturally, of course, there is tremendous demand for anything solar. However, aside from that, this market has the look and taste of shit-pop.

Just know and understand, if you are long a stock that misses earnings, even by a single penny, it's going down 30%.


Fuck you, you're dead (BID, HANS, ZUMZ).

Which leads me to my next suggestion:

Sell short the spikes. Fuck it, the trend has reversed; the tape is broken.

All of these retailers are on the precipice of destruction, with the exception of GYMB--since Mrs. Fly owns it.

Finally, it's worth mentioning, CSCO is a homo again. Sell it all; then sell it again.

CROX to 28
what happened to your Santa will not be denied speech?

chicken shit ... we're gonna have a Kass bounce in a week or so ... fuckers always early but when a major kodiak is calling for a rally, you better take note
Kass is a retard.
Hey Broker - I would like to see you try and punch off my eyebrows. I would rip your fucking head off and spit in your bloody throat. I am not 47 1/2 ... and I am in better physical shape then you will ever be ... I know your ugly mug and wimpish figure which you revealed on your blog and it shows you to be a tart - and I would knock your fucking lights out with one back handed smack. Unlike your cushy pussy white bread ass - I grew up on the streets of New York - and you stand no chance.

Do us all a favor and fucking quit - your stuck up narcissistic rants are getting old ... and most of us dont really fucking care.
wholly shiite ! I got filled on some HANS at your rec price ...
Kass reads this site ... he says you crack him up

true story
reeb - why read his shit if you no like?
i intially though Broker to just be a ranting jerk - based in bravado ... bravado ... but now I have realized it has gone to his head - as if ... as if he is bigger than all the rest - as if he is more important ... like he is some Czar ... that is the point ... he is shit.

thats part of his schtik ... imo at least 1/2 is an act . the other half true ... i think hes honest about it & i have no problem with arrogance, pompousness , etc ... hes 1/2 poking fun at it

if they're upfront about it, its ok by me ... its the arrogant fucks that hide it & present some humble pie shit that I don't like

or something like that
Good point Bruce:

Most people are narcissistic fools to begin with.

In real life, I am not so arrogant, trust me.
i don't mind the shit you write that grates on some people

since you're leaving, i''ll pay my respect .. i've said it before .. you have a serious talent/way with words .. very natural .. and rare .. like a great improv musician

ok, enuf blowing smoke up your crack

its been fun reading here

good ruck
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