Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Èç¹ûÄãÊ


Èç¹ûÄã, cocksuckers, Èç¹ûÄãʹÓõĵçÄÔ¿¿ý¤F¥þ²y¦U¦aªº¤¤¤åº. ¦pªG§A¨Ï¥Îªº¹q¸£¥i¥HÅã¥ÜÁcÅ餤¤å "subprime fuckfaces" ¦pªG§A¨Ï¥Îªº¹.

Check this shit out: ¦U¦aªº¤¤¤åºô¯¸¡A¬O±M, M¥Ø¿ý¡C , "machine gunned," ÖÐÎÄ.

With my money, ÖÐÎÄ, õĵçÄÔ¿ÉÒ, Å餤¤å, "Mother Market," M¥Ø¿ý¡C --my balls are on fire.

¶Ó­½øÈë, iiG, VMI, MVIS, BWLD, XFML-- ¥i¥HÅã¥ÜÁcÅ餤, ÄãʹÓõÄ-- chop my balls off and put them through a grinder--Äã.

¦pªG§A¨Ï, fuck it, Ó­½ø,ÉÒÔÏÔʾ¼, donuts and carrots, ŪªÌ©--q¸£¥i¥H-- fuck you too.


NOTE: ĵçÄÔ¿ÉÒÔ, "time machine," Åã¥ÜÁcÅ餤, assholes, ¸¡A¬O±Mªù¬°¤¤¤åŪª-- so there.

Wow, this is what I call original. Fly is pulling out all the stops. And possibly losing his sanity just a little bit?
I love it!
so this is the sound a blog makes before it goes hari kari?

What's the problem? and hide...typical bullshitter behavior...your a puss.
maybe you can post messages like this one from beyond the blog graveyard

we'll have JJ decipher them
Fuck you Frosty.

I'd kick your ass for saying something half as bad as that.
Except for the curses, it appears to be in Swedish, or Zapf Dingbats.
What's the problem?

The problem is that you're suddenly talking about carrots. WTF - carrots?
donuts too.
shouldn't the upside down h and c with a pig tail coming out of its bottom come before the capital A with two dots over it? sorry for being grammar police, but come on
for those playing musical chairs with Cramers 4 horseflies , make sure you take a look at the dry bulkers to see their fate sooner or later

keep one foot out the door with them ... when they go, the whole tape whooshes
Donuts are normal. Last mention of carrots was February.

"Disclaimer: If you buy CENX because of this post, wild rabbits will eat all of your carrots, effectively leaving you without the vital ingredients to produce soup. And, you may lose money."
hah! good one gunners.

If we ever met I would kick your ass and steal your purse.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm sure we will meet, someday in the moutains of Romania.

There, I will have my goats chew your feet off.
Looks like a 2-3% down day.
I would have the Romanian Mob slaughter all your goats.

"Èç¹ûÄã, cocksuckers, Èç¹ûÄãʹÓõĵçÄÔ¿¿ý¤F¥þ²y¦U¦aªº¤¤¤åº. ¦pªG§A¨Ï¥Îªº¹q¸£¥i¥HÅã¥ÜÁcÅ餤¤å "subprime fuckfaces" ¦pªG§A¨Ï¥Îªº¹."

fucking hilarious!!

where is the decipher link.

Jake can probably decipher in his head.
Costanza Theory dictates market will head lower based on appearance of Golden Bull
Glad I got out of SAM. I just looked back, to see the destruction, and almost turned to salt. Fortunately, I had an explosion-welded plate from BOOM to shield me.
Canceled, Canceled,

Do you know who I am.

Do you need my resume, can someone get Larry a resume.

Fly tell a funny story about COF.
"Èç¹ûÄã, cocksuckers, Èç¹ûÄãʹÓõĵçÄÔ¿¿ý¤F¥þ²y¦U¦aªº¤¤¤åº. "¦pªG§A¨Ï¥Îªº¹q¸£¥i¥HÅã¥ÜÁcÅ餤¤å "subprime fuckfaces" ¦pªG§A¨Ï¥Îªº¹."

The Fly is Romanian, without a doubt.

I suspect he will be retiring to his "goat ranch" to trade milk futures and sell real estate books once he pulls the plug on this blog.

Stay away from tall metal objects.
oh shit .. the parradium bull

now we're fucked
I still have SAM from the "Buy a sixpack, get a coupon to buy 33 shares at $15" days.

While I liked watching it go up, I had no plans to sell, so I'm just shaking my head in wonder at all the death dealing to individual stocks.

This market is like a patient with hemorrhagic fever. Every now and then, there's a spurt of blood from some body part or another. Only later does it become apparent that the internal blood vessels have been turned into mesh and the abdominal cavity is a big, warm, slimy slurpee.

But I'm prone to understatement.
I was laughing so hard I fell on my keyboard and went long 3000 C @34.62 by mistake and now I'm up for the day.
This one deserves to be in the Fly Hall of Fame.
ITS NOT TOO LATE - to put some proper T&A on yr blog and save yr website by gaining more readers, advertsers, etc
The Fly is a funny guy.
Fly-- just end it now! You'll never beat this post.

We'll blow the comments section out at 1,000 and thens its gone.
I nominate this post into the Weblog Hall of Fame located in Bucharest, Romania. Any seconds?
John, TA is for the lazy and ignorant. It will never be featured on this blog.
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