Monday, November 05, 2007


Time Masheen

Fly, did you blow up your client accounts???

Biggest position is still HANS. Therefore, I'm still in good shape.
wtf just happened to NED?
where's JJ? he just lost his house/car/palladium cell phone/family on SWC
i thought mvis was your biggest position?
Jeff, have you seen where MVIS is trading? Down. How about HANS? Up.

MVIS is smaller now due to who knows what.
"i thought mvis was your biggest position?"

(by far)

So did I.

Odd, no?
mvis on the precipice of disaster
What are you girls doin?

Sorry, this is me selling MVIS. Almost finished. I'll take it back in a few weeks. Waiting on some ISWI news looking to sell that at 2.00.

I know who the MVIS seller is. No worries. Almost done.
Broker is selling out his MVIS position. Fucker.
not me.

Don't quit blogging. You've got "serious" comedic talent that will go to waste on everyday mundane things like "banking coin".

Blog and jog on.
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