Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Updated Breaking News: "The Woodshedder Bottom," part II

Woodshedder just slapped a VIX chart on his blog, saying all types of ominous things about the market.

You can see, quite clearly, that his lines have perfect symmetry, enabling him to predict future outcomes in stocks and other shit too.

It worked before, no reason to think it won't again. Maybe we get a flush below today's lows down to SPX 1480, then it's off to the races for the Santa Claus rally.

Gonna miss you FLY. Perhaps on your last day you could share a pic of you so we know whose Lexus to cut off if we are driving on the LIE.
agreed ... we make a decent tradable low by the weekend
Would it be complete stupidity to short FSLR ahead of earnings tonight?


Predictions based on Fibonacci sequences are correct 0.618% of the time.
There will be no lows as long as these buy programs kick in everyday at 3 ish.
Guys I want you to take a look at JCG trying to go green in this tape. Seriously people are bidding it up anytime it goes down to 39ish. As I mentioned earlier I bought 1000 shares at 39 and should the market turn green get the fuck out of the way, I think it could explode like the time your girlfriend ate that bad Mexican.
nice razorback...

just because you said that I'm loading up with call options on FSLR!

WTF? I thought we were "playing nice" out of respect for it being "the Fly's" wake and funeral and everything.

Damn! Your blog is gay!

Thanks for the writeup Woodshedder. Look forward to your next post.
Damn, I forgot. Sorry DT.

Still buying call options.

I'll be short. :)


Nice to see you and I finally agree on something!

Care to make a wager DT?
No, being short is enough for me...

I mean, if I'm wrong I'll basically blow up my experimental "swing" account. That'll be enough pain for me.

To blow up my account and then be harassed by a fry-chef from the deep south would be too much for me to bear.

Update... I got smoked.

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