Monday, November 05, 2007


Updated Good News: XFML

Never bet against "The Fly." He wins, a lot.

XFML Xinhua Finance raises guidance above consensus (8.54 +1.18)

XFML raises Q3 adjusted net income per ADS guidance to $0.20-0.21 vs $0.12 Reuters consensus; revs $38-40 mln vs $36.65 mln Reuters consensus. Co cites stronger than expected growth in its business as well as contribution from acquisitions.

hell yeah! I should have bought immediately with my iiG winnings
13 bucks, tomorrow.

Watch and 'learn,' Chinese style.
sweet...I was hoping they would do many business segments, and with FMCN doing well it only makes sense.

And Fuck those high analyst predictions...beat those too!

might mitigate the AOB trimming on earnings just released. They beat by a penny. raised GM to like 75%...and are down 8%. WTF?

Looks like LLNW getting smacked too.
fly, up above $9 ah...
I was telling you guys about this last week, odd no? No one wanted to believe me but my source was correct.
intersting that there was an actual reason the stock was flying today...little bit o leakage there?

But 13 tomorrow? Nah...couldnt go that high.

could it?

Nice call gap.

Long 125,000 shares into a short covering rally.

This will be double digits.

It should surpass $13.

It's a Chinese stock, isn't it?

Chinese stocks can do whatever their Government wants them to do.
Wow, that was the most obvious leak of news ever.
Broker thanks, I don't have a big piece since it was a lotto sort of but 1800 shares should help out my latest C debacle. By the way I loaded my dynamite car full of INAP today, I talked with the company once more today and they assured me that sales were very very good. We will see though, people that work at companies always tell you shit is going well. I will say I went over the financials with a comb last night and as long as COGS are not fucked up they should be doing well.
well which estimate is right? .11-.13 make more sense on a couple million more in rev than .20-.21

Xinhua Finance Media Raises Guidance to be Inline with Estimates
Monday, November 05, 2007; Posted: 05:19 PM

More Breaking News about XFML
Xinhua Finance Media Updates Q3 Outlook - Quick Fact

*Xinhua Finance Media Updates Its Q3 Guidance

Xinhua Finance Media Updates its Guidance for Quarter Ended September 30, 2007

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More Resources for XFML
PowerRatings (for Traders)

PowerRatings (for Investors)

Quotes & Charts

Nov 05, 2007 (EarningsWhispers Guidance Summaries via Comtex) -- XFML | charts | news | PowerRating -- Xinhua Finance Media (NASDAQ: XFML | charts | news | PowerRating) said it now expects third quarter earnings of $0.11 to $0.13 per share on revenue of $38.0 million to $40.0 million. The company's previous guidance was revenue of $35.0 million to $37.0 million and the current consensus earnings estimate is $0.12 per share on revenue of $38.2 million for the quarter ending September 30, 2007.
and this one says it was released at 3pm EST

Xinhua Finance Media Limited (ADR) Raises Q3 2007 Revenue Guidance; Issues Q3 2007 Net Income GuidanceTue Nov 6 03:00:00 EST 2007

Xinhua Finance Media Limited (ADR) announced that for the third quarter of 2007, it has raised its projected net revenues to be in the range of $38-$40 million, compared to the previous guidance of $35-$37 million and also expects net income to be in the range of $8.0-$9.0 million and adjusted net income (a non-GAAP financial measure), which the Company defines as net income before amortization of intangible assets, imputed interest, and share-based compensation expenses, is expected to be in the range of $13.8-$14.8 million. According to Reuters Estimates, analysts were expecting the Company to report revenue of $36.7 million for the same period.
If the shit hits 13 you should be recouping a shitload of those losses in BWLD and NTRI right? Thats a good chunk of change with what an $8 cost basis or so?

I told you "The Fly" does not fear the site of a gun barrel.

With these numbers, the stock should be trading north of $20.

The only reason why it was down is due to uncertainty.

That aspect has been eliminated. Common sense dictates a major move higher.

Watch it trade NIKKEI tonight, ticker 9399.
bouncing around $9.50 now...AOB back to 13.25.

wrong wiv china!
I'm sticking to my $718 target. I put 80% of my IRA & 701k in there. The other 20% is short SWC.

yeah ... wall st is clean .. no leaks of this news . At least China is catching on to the leak game. Whats with raising guidance one week before earning are released? Oh yeah ... lets toast the shorts, Americano style.
Broker you think XFML can trade much higher from here even tomorrow? Does it do much volume overseas?
I'd be shocked if it didn't print 11.
I just added to my position in AH.
Fly, did you ever read the Barrons artocle that hammered it? Its there but i dont subscribe. I read the cos response to some of it, and have noted there moves since. I dont see why there is ANY doubt anymore unless I missed a major piece of the "allegations".

Youre right. If all uncertainty was removed it would be heading towards 20...

How long can one hit piece affect it's perception for chrisake?

Was nice that it broght the price down to buy it, but now everyone can forget it.

Thankfully most retarded americans have the memory of..well...a fly.
ahhh. this explains the discrepency. i dunno how far it can go just raising to meet guidance. Now that I think about it, it's the most fucktarded headline I ever read. Some of them have: "Raises guidance to in-line".
WTF? If those 2 shmucks didnt have it so high in the first place...

Xinhua Finance Media Updates Q3 Outlook - Quick Fact

(RTTNews) - Xinhua Finance Media Limited (XFML) on Monday said it now expects third quarter net income in the range of US$8.0-US$9.0 million or US$0.13-US$0.14 per ADS. On an adjusted basis, net income is expected to be in the range of US$13.8-US$14.8 million or US$0.20-US$0.21 per ADS.

In addition, the company now expects net revenues in the range of US$38-US$40 million, compared to the previous guidance of US$35-US$37 million.

Analysts polled by First Call/ Thomson Financial expect the company to report earnings of $0.13 per share on revenues of $38.15 million.
After many torso hits, XFML finally found its bullet-proof vest.

You da man, Fly.

Now if you can just do the space alien magician thing with that slut MaVIS.
Was lookinf for this guy to see if he has deciphered any more HSU picks. ran right into this:

This one comes to us from Christian DeHaemer at Taipan, whose "reliable source" tells him that this stock could go from $5 to $15 in a matter of months ... sounds like something we ought to take a look at, eh?

This is an ad for his Volume Spike Alert, by the way -- one of many newsletters under his name. It'll run you $995 at the current sale price if you'd care to subscribe.

If you just want the name of this $5 microcap, however, just read on.

In his words, "A stunning breakthrough in laser technology could alter the online marketplace for years to come…sending 100 million video fanatics into a frenzy…and launching a tiny $5 microcap to as much as $15…$20…even $25 per share."


So what is this little company?

more here:
Damn I was in this stock last week and took profits @ $6.9. I knew it would go higher some day but this market has just put so much fear in me. Nice call Broker A, congrats.
XFML is why you can't leave your blogging throne, Fly. Nice call. Now how 'bout you hang until MVIS prints $15?
It's funny for XFML to update guidance more than a month after the quarter ended. Why don't they update the guidance for year 2000?

And why should the stock rally. They merely update to the street consensus. So they merely meet but do not beat the street consensus. Does merely meeting the priced in expectation qualify for a price rally?

SWC hold back metal sell and deliberately reported a quarterly loss. They are hiding the money. Buy SWC before every one finds out.

They produced 29.9K ounces of platinum and sold only 26K, produced a 1K rhodium and sold none. That's a good $12.2M hoarding metals. If they sell all product they could have beaten the street consensus.
maybe no one wants to buy their crap because of some giant douchebag (aka JJ) touting them on the internets
jj- SWC is headed for 8, fast.

Also, the stock failed at its 200 day average. Dude, do you have a clue what level of shit can't pass the 200 day? That's right, the shit you've got your whole 401K in.

Also, the dumbasses that run the company did not just NOT sell the parradium- THERE WERE NO FUCKING BUYERS. Get it? NO ONE WANTS your fricking parradium.

Finally, what kind of PM stock goes down 12% in a PM bull market?

A TURDY one.
SWC can go down 12% one day and up 30% another day. Last earning's release, right after the CC SWC shot up 30% and settle up 20% for the day. It was also a huge miss but the stock shot up 30% nevertheless. Check the record.

They are holding back metals so as to cut revenue and earnings, so they do not need to pay tax.

Hoarding precious metals is a prudent thing to do.
JJ, do you really think you're smarter than everyone here? Think about it man. Many of the people who hang out here know what they are talking about. And you've been here long enough to know that.

That is not true. Most people here do not know what they are talking about. I know PGM metals. I know what I am talking about. PGM metals are making new highs nevertheless. SWC can not stay low for long when the metals it produce keep going up. So buy SWC while it is still incredibly cheap.

No matter how SWC performs I think we can all agree you're fucking crazy man.
jj - theres a reason why SWC is still scraping along its all time lows while PM's are screaming to the upside

the PM & commodity secular bull market will only prolong your pain & ultimate disappointment in that piece of shit you have hung your entire life on.

SWC will always underperform, even mediocre companies during this bull run.

Cut it out of your life & never look back. Really.

It will free you. You can then move on to joining the rest of the human race & making money.

Or you can stay in the ghetto with your lotto ticket that will never come in. Your choice.
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