Friday, September 29, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

Today is a very good day for me, considering I am long RIMM (from $50-$75) and its up $17 to $103.

Last year I thought fair value for the stock was $125, now I have to dig through the new numbers and revise my target. More on that later.

As for the market, its as top heavy as Dolly Pardon. But, as we all know, that doesn't mean jack when you have money being managed by men with the IQ's of a smart 7th grader.

All the economic data that has been coming out bodes poorly for the economy, with the exception of today's Chicago PMI. Furthermore, I really can't imagine Bernanke cutting interest rates as early as December. That just seems to nucking futs to me.

The semi's are mostly to the downside with pockets of strength in oversold stocks, such as: SLAB, TXCC, CMOS, GNSS and ANAD.

My technician tells me the SOX looks very top heavy and could lead the momo to the downside. We will see.

NOTE: After early gains, on positive comments from the fuckers at Thomas Weisel, RACK has rolled over into the red. And, partly thanks to Cramer, DIVX is still running.

UPDATE: This is for the guy who doubts my ownership of RIMM.

Again, here, here, here and here.

NOTE: How's that ^, bitch?

The following Semiconductor stocks have absolutely no mojo:

SPIL -3.7%
TER -3.4%
FORM -2.6%
AMKR -2.3%
EGLS -2.3%

Congrats on your RIMM long. It paid off today.
Your congrating on his call like he brought it the day or month before--what call I never saw him any any call_ ! Idot--

And Broker ( whatever ) your sounding more more like nothing but someone who can write! in other words you can write but you sound more and more like pure Bull Crap everyday- I doubt you have more then 1% of the postions you say you do~
I think we found someone who sold RIMM yesterday...

And leave the Idaho Dept of Transportation out of it :)
I mentioned several times on this blog, owning RIMM and have been recommending it on another since last year.

As for sounding like bull crap: believe what you want. I am not asking you or anyone for anything.
Update noted.
Broker I appreciate your advice and market insight. I have personally benefited from it, not that you're always right but always sincere thanks
Thank You.

You all know that I beat myself up more than I praise.

I just needed to point to my RIMM rec, since its been questioned.
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