Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Closing Comments

I wonder how long the market will accept $80 oil, before the DOW starts selling off again. If you think about it, there is a whole lot of pressure on the credit card wielding fucktard.

I suspect the bears will punch back hard, sometime soon.

In general, today was an anti-climatic day, as many stocks sold off toward the end of the day. For me, the silver lining was the spike in UNG, thanks to the natty explosion. However, as you know, natty is for asshats. Therefore, I do not anticipate to "bank coin" in it, anytime soon.

My positions did ok, with massive divergence between the momentum names and the possble "value plays." Meaning: the only stocks really benefitting from this rally are the momentum names, like AAPL, RIMM, FTK, etc. All of my recent purchases of bow-wow shitfucking stocks, like iiG, AXR and even MVIS, suck balls.

Also, let me just say, I've been getting some pretty fucked up, house wrecking "tips," as of late. Most of the time it pays to just stick with the fundamentals-- and discard the chatter. But, it's never as fun. That's the dilemma.

The next time you see me doing a "Fly Buy" of a weak kneed hatfucking stock, please feel free to punch my mustache off or ignore me.

However, it's worth noting, I don't own much of these queer stocks, with the exception to MVIS.

If forced to guess, I'd say the next move is lower for the markets. Like I said before, there will be no clear direction until after the fuckfaces from the Fed decide what to do with rates.

NOTE: If AAPL is serious about making the "iCar," I am selling all of my AAPL, immediately.

Fly, you should shut this fucking site down for a couple weeks, and return the broken time machine & voodoo charms.

Go enjoy a vacation with your steam pipe and can of corn.

Fuck you.

Fly, you should quit working for a week.

"Go enjoy a vacation with your steam pipe and can of corn."

Fly isn't popeye, jackass.
The credit card wielding consumer is definitely getting his balls squeezed by a lot of factors. This can't be good for the markets.
fly eats not corn, not spinach, but the souls of the weak and stupid.
"The Fly" doesn't "quit working."

I keep going until I perfect whatever I am doing. It's a work in progress.

No breaks. No timeouts.

They're for pussies.
BRLC just got their balls punched in.

Fuck American TV companies.
1929 and 1987, could it be DEJAVU all over again? It's like were right on the edge...Teeter Tot...creekin baby...careful here.
Wow, crapping the shower takes on a whole new reality. BRLC's colon is scraping the drainpipe right now.


Geez, I haven't felt like this since my IB-fucktard-analyst days when some sainted soul pulled my bleary, up-all-night ass back to the curb after I'd stepped right in front of a Metro bus at the corner of 55th and 3rd.
Weekend starts tomorrow. 2 low volume days ahead.

Happy New Year! The kind where you don't get shit face.
Unless you are "Reform," then it's Manischewitz bar the door!
Mrkcbill- I don't know about that since I have seen some shit faced people when they get done with Manischewitz Concord Gape.
JakeGint-Great minds think alike.
Impressed with both your all's spelling. A couple of shots of Manny and then I'm going to start in on the chopped liver with extra schmaltz.

I like to live on the edge- push the envelope.
Well fuck you sellers I am buying BRLC right here at 4.60. Yes I may get my tonsils ripped out and someone my tickle their balls with them but I have one of their TVs and love the product plus I still think the price is too cheap. Why buy Mitsubishi when you can buy Olevia cheaper if your strapped for cash this Christmas. We will see, I prefer to take the other side of the sheep.

Note: Feel free to mark this post and come back and bash the fuck out of me if I am wrong, but atleast give me 1 week.
"All of my recent purchases of bow-wow shitfucking stocks, like iiG, AXR and even MVIS, suck balls."

Thats why I'm paying the big bucs to read Fly's wraps. No mixed metawhores.
yids in the house
Bruce you get you ass Temple tomorra now. And Call your mother
Crude should this shit stay just south of that high pressure system the fucking Mafia is going to have their hands full. You better get on the horn to Frankie cause he might be in for some trouble.
This comment has been removed by the author.
only go to temple for weddings, funerals, bat/bar-mitvahs or site-seeing in foreign lands

my Mom wanted me at her house tomorra .. I told her to pick btw RH or YK .. she picked YK. So I am off the hook tomorra for the 5 hour round trip.
Damn! I had a nice sized position in BRLC just a couple weeks ago. Stock gods saved me this round. Back to "fucking a can of corn".
Fawk, YK is much worse, why giver her the choice?

You want to be at mom's and starving??

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
ung proved to be a top performer so far this week, Crude broke-r should admit he fucked up.
crude has been money with his picks.

He's just afraid of the nat gas "mafia."

Something tells me those "mafia" guys are going to get their whigs pushed back.
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