Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Cramer and Ducati Nailed VG

The *patents* are worthless, of course.

The stocks fair value is $00.00, naturally.

Odd no?

Now, who's going to jail and when?


Fire everyone at VG to the man.


I signed up for VG service and it took about two minutes after I got off the phone that I realized how shitty a company it was. So I cancelled immediately.

The customer service people were from Bangladesh or some other shithole country like that.

It was clear that VG would not "fly".
me and my friend made a $200 bet 5 months ago, called "Horserace to $1"

VG vs. SIRI.

I picked VG, he picked SIRI.

boom-selecta! Natural Ice is on me tonight.

I saw you blog on SGMO. I like the stock but am hoping for a pullback to buy. May never happen.
it will
^^it always does. This company has huuuuuge prospects but isn't based on fundies yet. If anything buy at a line of support, but I think we could easily see 10 again. But, the main reason why I bought it is because I think it will get bought out. Either that, or it will genentech on everyone--that's ok too.
I can't believe what's happening to FMCN. Kicking myself in the ass for missing the boat.
I'm finding I might as well just take every trade Fly takes, and just fucking forget about everything else.

Now if he'd just post his weightings, then it would be a no brainer.
What the fuck is "Viz"? and did this bag of douche end every post with that or "jog on"?

I remember when he tried to value MVIS patents. What a complete and utter cheese filled bag of douche.
he just have to suss it out. I mean, if he says he's up 1.7%, and my model fly port says 1.5, I look at what he likes that could be adjusted and tweak it. it's rad, bro.

then there was this. And this. Notably, this.
a friend called me about that IPO ... said his broker could get him a ton of shares .. I told him you only want the IPO's where you can't get any shares ... stay the hell away ... hes thanked me multiple times
Somebody started coming for JSDA at 3:00. Volume and price spike.
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