Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Fly Announcement: The Grand Finale

All fucktards, under the age of 47 1/2, are cordially invited to see an "internet legend" (Fly) off, live: Monday, November 12th at 10:00 am.

Proper attire is demanded.

I intend to reveal certain things about "The Fly," and detail why it makes sense to burn this fucking blog down to the ground.

Also, do not miss this weekend's guest blogger, who will be sure to entertain, in a soul grinding sort of way.

In short, "fuck you, I quit."

when you say i quit... do you mean "i'm broke, lost too much money to continue..."

if thats the case... i suggest you turn your monitors off, go to the beach, relax, come back in 2 months, and you'll be fine... even those shit can Chinese things have a chance at being up
I hope you figure out a way to laser-beam all of the trolls before you go.

Tim my new friend:

Obviously you have no fucking idea who "The Fly" is.

I'll make sure you know, "The Fly" celebrates his blessed life daily, via eating 2 1/2 inch rib-eyes and vast quantities of "rich man's whiskey"-- not that shit that you guzzle with your jerk off friends.
All of Tim's inquiries and more will be answered, candidly, on Monday.
It feels good to be 47 and a half again. A little dumber, but good.

You spelled announcement wrong.... I mean, you can't ask us to wear suits and shit while reading the blog, if you're going to make classless spelling errors like that.

how will it be "live"
will you sell all your holdings?
I suggest a "Countdown to the End" ticker at the top of the page.

I also suggest you demand we click your ads until Google forces your blog down (for fraud), effectively leaving you no choice but to quit, absolving you of guilt and the temptation to return.
go fucking quit ... you narcissistic stuck up dick head.

I never wear a suit... Don't even own one. But I will wear one next Monday out of respect.
How about at least keeping all of us long suffering MVIS holders posted of recent're our lifeline to the share-deprived Tokman.
Things I would like to know...

1. Do you really drink high end wines? I have a wine rack stocked with silver oaks, darioush, shafer, Ornellaia, Staglin rutherford, and a pair of chateau Mouton Rothschild 03 Pauillac

2. why do you still own BLWD? I own RUTH as of last week

3. Do you eat instant, slow cook, or steel cut oats? I actually put oat fiber in my protein shakes

4. Do you like QCOM? I do

5. How do you know your IQ is 155?



None of your business.

MENSA told me so.

Long BWLD for the wings.

Hate QCOM.

Whiskey son, whiskey.


Oh well, go ahead flizzle out.

This best be good. Are you moving your operations to Dubai?

Hundreds of people know the truth.

Anyway, why 10:00am? How about you make it midday, when the market quiets down? Like, at 11:30 or 12:00 when people settle down to eat their lunch.

Well, thanks for every thing. It was fun. Hope you'll drop in once in a while.
I have an IQ of 197 . True story.

Fluck you Fry u fluking balstad .

I will attend you wake dressed appropriately.

A.Testoni shoes
Bvlgari watch
Canali 3 piece suit
Brioni dress shirt
Tiffany cufflinks
Gianfranco Ferre socks
Versace boxer briefs
Versace belt
Ermengildo Zegna tie

Any other requests biiaaacchh ??
The Zombie suicide alert level raised to red.
Don't say goodbye yet. I'm not dead yet.


Because "The Fly" demands you make a sacrifice.

I like your style, aside from the homo versace belt.
Don't insult my belt Broker !!

Have you ever seen what a $700 Versace belt looks like ? The buckle is made of real silver along with the Medusa head. With the skyrocketing price of silver I suddenly look like a genius for buying it.
the problem you have with your business as a money manager is you have no ideas, you are a momentum trader, nothing else. entertaining might be a good career for you, i left i-banking to work for a hedge fund you all have heard of, then left to work for another hedge fund that is one of the most talked about funds in the media. i got fired from there because i refused to be "their bitch" so bought an ice cream shop and decided to play golf and trade my own account for the rest of my life
I've already made a sacrifice.

Now the troll known as "newequity" comments on my blog... calling me an idiot and rubbing bad trades in my face.

That should be enough, no?

you want a job scooping ice cream?
I always wanted to be a toll booth collector... but I wasn't sure if they would let me trade while people threw quarters and fast food wrappers at me
I thinking of sacrificing my blog in honor of yours.

I hate to see you go. I don't comment much like a lot of these other jokers but I read you everyday and find your comments helpful, insightful and wickedly funny. I hope you will reconsider or at least just set up a private blog where the fucktards can't bother you anymore. Either way, best of luck brutha.
Tim, you should've bought a bakery, or a Korean restaurant.

I've thought of doing the same thing. Perhaps we should commit mass-blog suicide.

lol, DT.
quit already ... please

Was "beer" taken?

Fuck you, asshole. The internets will be far better without your lying bullshit. Still up 40% YTD? LMFAO!
Prediction: The fly will come back with his own domain name.
I'm 52 - so FUCK YOU

(and don't let it hit you in ass on the way out LOL)

I agree. That's my "hollywood hooker" theory.

He can't stay away. He needs us as much as we need him.

I love this fuckin' blog. You will be missed.
Broker is moving to Nashville, where the coffee is hot, the biscuits are fresh, the girls are curvy, the church choir is rocking, the kids are safe, the taxes low, the winters mild, and the music lives.

Welcome to Nashville!
Shut this shit down and I will take over, just hand over the keys and I will blog here. I could give a fuck really, I will still spit on traders even if they know who I am. Oh and you fuck guarding the downramp on the east side of the Merc, keep tickling that messengers ass every morning, I know you homos love each other but don't back up the fucking ramp to do your ass tickling. Fucking salad tossers.
Tim the Fuckbag Ice Cream Scooper:

Please stop with your assumptions, it vexes me.

Just understand, I NEVER trade momentum.

All of my work is well researched, using various sources of validation.

I've returned for myself and shareholders, north of 25% returns, for 5 consecutive years, but you already knew that.

Just, shhh.

No projections please.
I am buying Nov puts on FLY tomorrow.
Oh, one more thing:

I'm not running a 30k bullshit Scottrade account, like Tim.

If Tim were within 20 miles of my house, I'd have his fucking eyebrows punched off.
So, you've already moved to Nashville?
Nashville is where the Klan lives, no?

I assume any state south of NJ is inhabited by the Klan.
No. The Klan explored strategic alternatives quite some time ago, spinning off non-core initiatives like racism to the Border Fence Builders. They are now focused on their core competency: crisp white linens. And that is made in China.

I think they have an office at 79 5th Ave. Across from Mesa Grill.
Take Cram-mer with you.

This is has become unusually gay.

No offense.

Fuck off six ways to Monday.
Fuck you too, goat fucking scumbag.
I hope you fucking quit.

It will force me to find something else to do with the time I spend reading this crap.

Perhaps I shall take up basket weaving.

Hell, you can quit right now.

I don't want you poltroons coming here anyway.

I've never asked for internet success. Shit just happens to me like that.

Odd no?
Kiss half of the fly goodbye. He's announcing earnings tomorrow.
懦夫, 胆小鬼
Holy shit what the fuck are you having a fucking melt down right here on these internets before me very eyes.

Cowboy up Fly boy.
You must be mistaking me for someone who gives a damn.

Son, I'd stomp mudholes in your face for half the comments you chuck my way.

Keep in mind, I know where you eat dinner.

I just ate a pretzel.
Were you smart enough to chew it? Not everybody is.
Me thinks you should paint a self portrait of yourself and post it on Monday with your other shit.

You have until Monday to lop an ear off.

You could use that shear you use on your goats ass, you know the one that affords you a close comfortable shear shave for maximum smoothness.

I just worry about the rash.

Breaking news..

I was inside Danny's anal cavity.
I being the pretzel.
This comment has been removed by the author.
12 wtf?
Clean those nails and shave for Mondays event young man.
fucking faggot. No offense to gay guys, of course.
got my eye on you.

we now understand why FLY hates earnings. (thanks for that tip)

DISCLAIMER: if PETROHAWK(HK) misses tomorrow, we will also quit, move to Sao Paulo and open the 1st Build-a-Bear workshop (BBW) in BRAZIL.
None taken felonious bone smoker.
Who asked you dip shit.
Go fuck a tube of Ben Gay.
what happens in round 13?
WE all gather round and fist fuck your favorite goat while you watch in anticipation of sloppy 40's.
Who lit up 12 rounds? Shit.
Then your Grand ma takes her teeth out and well you can imagine.
Boy will I miss this shit, like a cancer in the brain.
Who lit me up!!

All this***All fucktards, under the age of 47 1/2, are cordially invited to see an "internet legend" (Fly) off, live: Monday, November 12th at 10:00 am.

Proper attire is demanded.

I intend to reveal certain things about "The Fly," and detail why it makes sense to burn this fucking blog down to the ground.

Also, do not miss this weekend's guest blogger, who will be sure to entertain, in a soul grinding sort of way.

In short, "fuck you, I quit."
12 rounds --

go back to your gay "cone of silence".
Did you break your last tolit bowL?, and so now your done?
Better than in the testicles.

What the fuck is that?

Reserve judgment for Monday, 10:00 am.
Hey WFF.

Shut the fuck up.


Go fuck a shoe.
can we guess? ...

Good luck, and I think its been at leat a year,no much more like 2, you have excellent writing skills, and you blog was informative, fun and inlihting! THANKING YOU MR FLE
No I think he is going into gay porn.
Hey WFF if you misssspell one more work I will hire Danny to rip your Galllblladder out.
Mr 12 rounds, sorry even through you would know, he is a mane mane unlike the barbie doll in you
Wallstrip can't afford me.

"The Fly" doesn't work for TV sites.
You can live without it ya know.
12 rounds needs to get off his daddy's computer.

Mission accomplished, 12 rounds. You are a certified jerk off now.
Hey alphadick go fuck a dirty sock.

Who the fuck asked you to speak up jackoff.

Actually it was your Mom's Mac.
I saw the little apple glowing in the dark beckoning me to cumment.
In short, "fuck you, I quit."
Long live Bob Pasani.

God willing, HANS will miss earnings and gap down $40.

Maria Bartiromo is a dick.

The Government just told me they will rescue the market, by the bell.

This is what a bear market looks like.

you're better off playing battleship in your toilet bowl.
I will be here with my cyanide capsules on Monday.

and to Fly's 'Pole Smoker' detractors I say three words: "'Space Alien Magician' you assclowns". Technically, that is five words, so you get the last two for free. But since you're used to sucking a pair for free, you're probably already way ahead of me on that.
Hans profit up 73 percent to .46 cents per share but analysts were expecting .49 cents.

Uh oh Yogi.
I found the tie to wear with my leisure suit/disco outfit to Fly's finale. It will be a bowtie just like Jimmy Rodgers. Still going with the Foojoy classic golf shoes with metal spikes.
The metal spikes are a nice touch, can you still find replacements for those things?
JJ - I'll be buying FSLR for its run to 300. All stocks that get to 200, go to 300, don't you know that?

You better hunder down son, or take your losses like a man.
Check out the nov 1st IPO Nanosphere, Inc. NSPH

company is able to analyze blood/other body fluids INSTANTLY. it will eliminate the need for labs...think of the potential (ie: border patrol, instant analysis in ambulances, is the limit with this one)
and Bvlgari blows. get a real watch and save the diamond for your wife
I don't wear a watch but for this special occasion I will go with either the Casio or the Timex.
I'll go in my birthday suit sans bath with cigar & extra virgin anejo straight up.
HANS crushed. Fuck I just missed buying puts on it. Good sell ahead of it Broker.
I smell da wife influence...but I could be wrong...humph
Rajin Cajun you have got to be kidding me. How did you see JASO up 6 overnight? Now if NVDA pops after earnings... Anyways, thanks for the picks :)
Is Fly really Jefferson Krull?

Is Fly really Cramer?

Is Fly really 12 rounds?

Is Fly really Bill O'Reilly?

Is Alex Tokman gayer than MVIS?

Who the fuck is Chuck Bennett?

And importantly, why exactly are MVIS margins expected to decline in 2015?

So many questions, so little time.
I believe Fly is a collge student working on a research paper (dissertation?) concerning the gullibility of people on the internet.
YTEC Clazy Chinee Rottery Pick of Day.
Fly will be announcing {on his fucktarded blog} @ 10am Monday, his run for president.
You sirry.

Fry Maxlim Bloker, big pissah off Compriance Depaltment.

Must fleeze brogging, or spend six months in Boirer Loom, scleaming at wet behind eal baby blokahs about Grengally Reads and how coffee fol crosers, ONRY.
You SEE dis watch??

Dis watch mole expensive den you Toyolta outsigh!

You want steak knife, cock-suckah??!!
Hey Broker - I would like to see you try and punch off my eyebrows. I would rip your fucking head off and spit in your bloody throat.
I am not 47 1/2 ... and I am in better physical shape then you will ever be ... I know your ugly mug and wimpish figure which you revealed on your blog and it shows you to be a tart - and I would knock your fucking lights out with one back handed smack. Unlike your cushy pussy white bread ass - I grew up on the streets of New York - and you stand no chance.

Do us all a favor a fucking quit - your stuck up narcissistic rants are getting old ... and most of us dont really fucking care.

Your Mother fucks goats.
Domestic goats or Romanian goats?
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