Thursday, November 08, 2007


Fly Flashback: Topping Patterns

Technical analysis is a wonderful way to combine both laziness and ignorance. Ask Warren Buffett.

However, from time to time, "The Fly" looks at a few, while eating crunchy dill pickles.

At any rate, back on 10/3, I warned you, and myself, of topping out formations--during the 7th week of a run.


The data was derived from multiple "bubbly runs" in speculative sectors, like ethanol, internets, nanotech, etc.

The lesson to be learned: stick with your disciplines and try not to fall into the "this time may be different" fucktarded type of mentality.

Had I listened, I would have sold short Chinese stocks, instead of buying them--cupfucker style.

hedge with a little FXP, it's a new double short FXI.
What worries me is that Hat Fucker Doug Kass Faggot Ass called a bottom today for the market and said a rally is in the works. That is worrisome as we all know that worthless piece of dog shit is a loser.
Bottom? WTF?

Recent NYSE advance/decline numbers have not indicated a bottom in place.
Fly don't go .. I am begging you .. pwease don't go .. you can't go!

ok ... now you may return to your regularly scheduled programming

Gap - why does it worry you that Hat Fucker Doug Kass Faggot Ass, that worthless piece of dog shit is a loser, called a bottom today for the market and said a rally is in the works?
"cupfucker style" -- another classic.
FXP looks like loads of fun, or misery.
indeed, it can turn you into a "cupfucker" quickly.
The fact that they have a double short for the FXI - FXP tells me this Chinese bull market is only going higher. Wake me up when they have a quadruple bull FXI. Then I'll short the hell outa China. Makes sense no ? All the asshat hedgies will be buying FXP as precaution. Hence the bull market will continue.

Do they have a bull FXI ? I'd rather be long that. You know double down on that everytime it pulls back 5-10%. Vegas style.
FYI those double short Dow, S&P and QQQ ETFs QID SDS DXD came out on July 13rd 2006. They have all lost over 50% of their value. Pull the charts up starting July 13th 2006. Would that not have been a great time to go all in long on US equities in retrospect ?

Me thinks the same treatment will be handed out to FXP. Currently its at $79.50 . I 'd say its below $30 in 12 months.
CapGame- I did not see a 2xBull FXI listed although of interest is EEV (inverse 2X emerging markets) and EWV (inverse 2X Japan). EWV hasn't started trading yet. There are many Proshares 2X bull and inverse sector shares trading, however volume is weak on some of them.
SKF 2X inverse is a hoot. It's a Financial sector and averages 100,000/perday but recently volume has gone up i.e. today it was over 3 million.
Ahhh yesss, Crapital Game running dog crapitarist is velly wise in dah way of dah mahkets.

Rissen to his wolds or risdom, you sirry iriots!


I can relate to the sell of some of the position in XFML - to balance the fucking Buffalo Wild Asses -- XFML should move to new highs post IPO into year end maybe even an investment by NBC in this deal? I will cover my short calls once big M(arket) can stabilize here.

New Positions: Short USO - Target $69, Long HOG - Target $53, Long AERO - Target $7

P.S. The game is not OVER yet!

Cheers --- sipping the Dalmore 100 year old...

Will you come back like Jordan wearing the 45.
bear market central .. checking in

over & out
whoosh today or monday?
My boy Gary Cox over at Smart Money went about as Bearish as I've seen him in two years now.

He's no fripperist asshat, either.

So we'll see.
how is his timing in general?

Kass's calls are always early
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