Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Quick Alert: FlyonWallStreet Banned at Maxim Group

According to my sources at Maxim Group, this website, thanks to this post, has been banned at Maxim Group.

I'm guessing, the whole Chuck Bennett/MVIS conference call thing caused the fucktards who operate that shitbox to filter out this wonderfuck of a blog.



Will banning the blog aid them in accurately predicting 2016 earnings?
What, if anything, can we do to agitate them???
Talk to Chuck (Bennett). I'm sure he has a few ideas.
Does anyone remember what Chuck Bennett's blogspot address is?
Fly, that is fucking hot.

What shitbox can we piss off next?
that, my friend, is rock and fucking roll.

now you can't stop the blog.
Congrats- It's like a badge of honor when you start to get filtered.
Just thinking about this event... it is really killer that this happened.

1) that they read it
2) that your voice matters
3) that they fear your opinion
4) and the collective fucktarded opinion of the community here. by community i mean thug gang.

Broker, you must see this is a movement in the making.

A have a dream: a supercycle of thug investing, backed by MBAs, calculator brains, time machines, couple hundo mill, golden chalices, balls of steel soaked in kerosene, lit, but not burning because they are steely, and that shit dont burn.

Odd, no?
maxim is a chop house that you pay to speak positively about your stock. fuck them and their 2016 battlestar galactica shit.

that is chuck bennetts blogspot, maybe he can replace Flys blog and go over there and make comments.
I think he and Tigre share the blog.
just so you know.

that blog spot is not me.
He is a wanna be chuck. I dont blog. Too busy doing my due dilly.
ISWI goes higher, IIG goes the highest.

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